Cameron Long

  • @reliableprepper says:

    Spot on

  • @reliableprepper says:

    Hope y’all have a great weekend by the way

  • @bngr_bngr says:

    She looks puffy.

  • @Andy_M986 says:

    Based Kid,so good to see.

  • @darriensanders4439 says:

    Thie his daughter?

  • @user-xk2bw8zr1k says:

    The lame person of the group for sure

  • @suacewalker3092 says:

    She’s just saying that cause its her dad lmao

  • @STR0BEV says:

    He’s a scammer don’t ever forget it

    • @varsitygraphix2407 says:

      Why do yall call business people scammers simply cause u don’t understand how money operates …. It’s almost like calling urself an idiot unless you can prove it

    • @STR0BEV says:

      @@varsitygraphix2407 since I’m lazy rn go watch coffeezillas videos on him

    • @abcdef-hc6to says:

      @@varsitygraphix2407 I mean you just proved you’re an idiot so I guess we got that out of the way at least.

    • @panzer448 says:

      @@varsitygraphix2407 no its because he’s a piece of garbage only has his value in money and wealth not in god he will be denied access into heaven he has no value in family as well so he’s a piece a garbage

  • @KingRubeEBK says:

    I love how they have that type of relationship. That’s how everybody should talk with their kids and be open about it.

    • @valentinozientek5670 says:

      * let me state that he never traffic kids or adults but the organization does everyday and it’s well well known

  • @secretbase7473 says:

    She spits on that thang!

  • @raoulhayes196 says:

    She’s just pretending

  • @b-rare says:

    Good smart kid . She can let loose too and enjoy being a kid. It’s not so bad to get drunk and have some nights out like that with friends we all did it. It doesn’t mean you’ll destroy your entire life . We’re all millionaires here and we all did that stuff when growing up. To be honest, my best memories still to this day was partying it up with my friends. Life isn’t just about being serious and making money. There’s a saying that sticks with me forever. When you’re on your death bed, you’re not going to be thinking “damn, I really wish I made that extra couple million on that deal” . Lol. Just think about that . Enjoy life too stop taking it so seriously. We are here for adventure . When you die, none of this matters at all. There’s no right or wrong way to live your life . If you want to do something, just because there’s a stigma about it, or just because it doesn’t follow the “go to school, get a job, get married, have kids” doesn’t mean you’re a bad person and doesn’t mean you’re living a wrong life. Everyone thinks what they do is correct and they preach their life onto others. Everyone does that. Problem is, nobody knows. Do you. Let loose. Enjoy. Don’t take it so seriously. Money isn’t everything. Again, when you’re on your death bed, you will never say (and I guarantee it) “damn I wish I did that last deal or damn that extra 10 million would have really fulfilled me”. Never.

  • @imrang52 says:

    That girl sounds like shes going to be pregnant at 18

  • @judithvalencia3588 says:

    I old but happened old the times , every one chooses what they want to do,

  • @oss4607 says:


  • @kk2093 says:

    She is nerd thats why she wont party.

  • @alexhendricks6799 says:

    I wonder what her answer would be if her dad wasn’t Grant Cardone and wasn’t home schooled and had other outside influences.

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