They Want You To Be Poor (Here’s Why)

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Cameron Long

  • belle8i says:

    My Dad told me once that both a husband and wife working creates a false economy. I had to take a cleaning job to help pay the bills and I am cleaning the homes of the wealthy. They live in large beautiful homes and have little children, but mom goes to work and pays for a stranger to raise her babies and a stranger to clean her house for her. If they lived in a modest home, and maybe worked less, they could have more time for each other and their children. The world is crazy.

    • Gretchen K. says:

      What you said shows how little they value family and child rearing and education.

    • sdrc92126 says:

      I think elizabeth warren said something like this twenty years ago.

    • Anon Anon says:

      What’s more crazy, the live-in nannies sometimes have children of their own which are taken care by someone else while they are looking after their employers’ kids

    • The Great Fomo says:

      Majority of people are greedy and constantly need more money. People say they don’t want to live in a rural area because they need a high paying job, not realizing that a Walmart job gives them a fine living in a rural area. But shiny new things and greed gets the best of them and their excuse to cover this greed is they say they are looking to get more out of life.

    • Theo says:

      Stop 😢

  • Catherine Jones says:

    The world would be a better place without Klaus and Bill.

  • Diane Taylor says:

    Yep! When creepy Klaus says “You will own nothing and be happy” what he really means is “We will own everything and most of you will be gone”.

  • Aggie Rowe says:

    This was my fave podcast George. Makes 100% sense and boy was my education rigged from the get go. Case in point: a fellow cohort of mine with a masters degree just got a tenure track position teaching environmental writing at a university. This person has never worked outside of a classroom a day in their lives. Never worked a field, never farmed, never had a garden, in fact, this person is unhealthy looking. Yet this is a person responsible for molding minds. This person will be embracing the global reset pro[aganda and spewing it out, hook, line and sinker

    • MrZoukdotcom Zouk LAmbada Bootycamps says:

      I agree that’s a serious problem… Anyone working in any envurinm8or agricultural department must have spent a minimum of 2 yrs either in farming or industries of that nature…. Working in them…. Not theorising….

    • wayne hart says:

      I was a cleaner at a university, most of the lectures for their age are sick. One lecturer in health had hundreds of healing crystals all over the room. 🤦
      The amount of alcohol in that place was mind blowing, hitting the booze at work in office. They Never worked in a hospital or in carers industry, yet teach health topics. Crazy world.

    • paul davies says:

      been like that for a long time they only care about themselves

  • skxj says:

    Bill Gates house in Seattle has a monthly electric bill of $30,000.
    Maybe Bill Gates needs to look at his energy consumption. My power bill per month is $120 summer and $200 winter season. Roughly $2000/ year and Bills is $360,000 yearly.

  • Gristle Von Raben says:

    I’ve dealt with some people who thought they were wiser and better who were in the occult government. They are children, almost infantile, they have no wisdom, and crave slaves and power, they burn the bridges to love and livingness like it was paper, they can’t see past their infantile sadism. I’d feel sorry for them if I didn’t know them so well, they do not feel sorry for us, they grin while they hurt us. True story.

  • johns daughter says:

    I am just a dumb girl living in the midwest, living paycheck to paycheck and I just want to voice my appreciation for George Gammon for this video! Thank you for taking the time to explain these things in a way I can understand. I mean, we know it’s happening but it just helps when we can actually have it explained in a basic way.

    • Marcel Ledbetter says:

      I’m just a dumb guy living in the midwest flyover deplorable area clinging bitterly to my gnus and Bible who completely agrees.

    • Marvel Prince says:

      Most don’t get it ,or are unwilling to listen and learn…The fact that you are listening and understand… proves you are not Dumb.

    • nils petter hellvik says:

      Im just a dumb guy living in Norway, and you are not dumb dear. You are one of the people who are waking up

  • No Ink Needed says:

    FINALLY I find a video with someone saying what I’ve been thinking for years now. It has been so frustrating watching these rich s.o.b.s say the most insufferable things, while the sheep just look and blink like cattle. And when I’ve tried to tell the cattle what these people are actually saying, they get angry and say stupid things like, “They would NEVER do THAT!!

    • earthen science says:

      What is George Gammon’s actual advice? Seems like the entire video is just accidentally proving the Malthusians correct. His solution is just a vague hail-mary about free market capatalism with no explanation (the first 25 minutes of the video he basically proves Mathusianism with charts and data, then in the last 5 minutes he vaguely states about free-market captalism as a better choice, without hardly any explanation of how that would fix things). Free market capitalism will not save the planet from over-energy consumption. The less regulated things are the more pollution there will be.

    • DreamChaser says:

      If they wanted the masses to know all this why would they have secret meetings?

  • Austin Marius says:

    I tried to explain this to many of my friends. They either don’t want to believe it or can’t comprehend the concepts. You did a GREAT job of explaining this. Thank you.

  • Tiger Scott says:

    Great lecture…it has always been about money, power and control of all humans.

  • Julie Olson says:

    Thanks for stepping up and telling it like it is! I’m sick of hearing about the unintended consequences of bad policies. The consequences have been intentional for years.

  • DieselBoat Man says:

    Your interpretation keeps things away from the unpleasant reality that Klaus and Bill see the solution as “fewer of us” , and their every plan element leads to that. Great job.

  • Frank Yang says:

    Wow! This clip is astonishing! Some people looked like saints and talked like saints are eager to grab more power and wealth in their dark mind. Being extra wealthy and successful making them feels they are more cleaver and important to the others. And this is so called the Elite one. And the most horrible thing is that these global elites want the power accross the nations, but there are no laws and systems to monitor them as a nation has. Thank you George for showing this great clip to reveal some thing evil under covered by a holy mind. You’ve been great all the time. Keep going!

  • LiveFreeOz says:

    Legendary job! We live in crazy times but I’m incredibly heartened by the number of clever people doing their utmost to awaken and inform mankind.

  • Kenneth May says:

    This is a wonderful explanation and we just need to stand up to Bill and Klais!

  • Hannah Donald says:

    Our epoch has come to an end after reaching its pinnacle. The recession and stock market crashes are affecting everything, not just FTX and 401Ks. My stock equities portfolio, at $750K, is in the red. I’m constantly losing due to inflation. This world will crumble under its dictatorial rulers, just as Rome did. If you are thinking about retiring but are worried that your pension won’t cover the rising cost of living, I apologize. Around the world, there are poor regulatory, economic, and energy policies as well as terrible foreign policies.

    • Zoey Tank says:

      There are actually a lot of ways to make high yields in a crisis, but such trades are best done under the supervision of a financial advsor. My 2 cents

    • Champ Hallier says:

      Don’t repeat your blunders by not having a professional look at your portfolio. Diversify your investments, including your 401(k), stock portfolio, and ideally your real estate assets and REITs. The long term is the secret to building wealth. I discovered thirty years ago that you must at all costs keep emotions (rookie ones) out of your financial selections.

    • Grace Ocean says:

      Very true! I’ve been able to scale from $350K to $650K this red season because my Investment Advisor figured out Defensive strategies to protect my portfolio and profit from this roller coaster market.

    • Trazz Palmer says:

      @Grace Ocean The administration is hesitant to accept the real scope of the issue, despite the fact that inflation is more than 10% here. Can your financial advisor assist me in achieving my objective of boosting my passive income and surviving this storm?

    • Grace Ocean says:

      I’ve saved myself the bother that comes with a chaotic market. I can’t handle my account because of my line of work, so I just copy Johanna Mussche’s transactions, an investment advisor I observed on Bloomberg Business News. The best way to enter the market today is to do your homework, read up on it, take your time, and, if necessary, seek counsel. Everything then went without a hitch.

  • Hate.DoubleSpeak says:

    They don’t just want you to be poor without reason behind it, they want you to be dependent on them!

    • Michael Q says:

      You said it… cut to the chase….

    • Dancestar1981 says:

      And they want you to die. People need to understand God lives within them and divinely inspires them. There is no going to be a second coming of a saviour we need to take that action ourselves before it’s too late

    • Dancestar1981 says:

      The tyrants never died why do you think there’s the adage the price of freedom is eternal vigilance it’s a spiritual battle that is never ending that’s why

    • Hate.DoubleSpeak says:

      @Dancestar1981 The tyrant who never died is lucifer who is still here although both Hitler and Stalin is dead, yet lucifer is still here

  • Tim Fatout says:

    Well said – in other words get government out of our lives and everybody’s life becomes better, not just the political elite.

  • Alej M-C says:

    Since dipping my toes into this channel I’m getting more and more hooked with all the actionable information, add to that the humor, it does a solid! “As opposed to what Bill, feeling guilty about saving lives?!” 😂
    Let me throw some devil’s advocacy about lower standards of living: on my own I have decided to do a bit of that and the money savings, being no more in a paycheck to paycheck pace, so on and so forth has been a blessing. It fully triggered at the very beginning of the beerbug and not looking back.
    That said, it wasn’t forced, I chose it on my own and was hoping to get out anytime when reaching enough financial comfort… according to this episode, might not be the case 😮

  • Rob R says:

    You are a brilliant analyst and a genius at explaining things clearly. Thanks!

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