The Future of EVs: Biden’s Mandate and Its Impact on You

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In this episode of the Energy Show with REI Energy, host Mike Mauceli and guest Jason Hayes, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy for the Mackinac Center of Public Policy, discuss the Biden administration's implementation of new EPA tailpipe emission standards, and how the standards aim to significantly reduce CO2 emissions per mile, effectively mandating a shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) due to the inability of current gas and hybrid vehicles to meet these requirements.

The conversation covers the potential economic and logistical challenges for consumers, including the high cost of EV ownership, the impact on insurance, and the difficulties associated with charging infrastructure, especially for those living in multifamily housing.

Furthermore, they discuss the broader implications on the auto industry, supply chains, and the environment, questioning the feasibility of achieving the administration's goal of 70% of new car sales being electric by 2032 without significant societal and technological hurdles.

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Exploring the Impact of New EPA Regulations
04:06 The Economic Implications of Switching to EVs
05:43 Challenges of EV Ownership: Infrastructure and Insurance
07:42 The Environmental and Economic Costs of EV Batteries
20:19 The Global EV Market and China's Influence
23:11 Union Support for EV Policies and Potential Consequences
28:34 Considering Alternatives: The Case for Hybrids
31:11 Closing Thoughts and Future Discussions


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Cameron Long

  • @randywhelchel4674 says:

    It will all change in 6 months .. AND the big 3 can not make a n EV turns out it has wheel but there the similarities Tesla is the ONLY one who has a good product

  • @MrBuzben says:

    I will not comply.

  • @marauder5768 says:

    Are hydrogen powered vehicles being completely ignored?

    • @marauder5768 says:

      Hydrogen as a fuel source makes ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD. The USA is sitting on a massive bubble of natural gas of which hydrogen is extracted. Anything powered by any existing fuel source can be powered by hydrogen, with zero harmful emissions. Infrastructure can be set up at a fraction of the cost of electrical and the US would be COMPLETELY energy independent. We are being played folks!

    • @_echo_off says:

      Ask the guy who made his car run on water and drove it cross the USA on 20 gals of tap water

  • @michaelandrecht7508 says:

    What about grandfathered exempt gas and diesel trucks and cars?
    In California pre 1975 cars and pre 1997 diesel cars and small trucks
    I’m guessing these will be banned for some other reasons ?

    • @scotttovey says:

      That’s what the Bush cash for clunkers program was all about.
      They didn’t take real clunkers off the road.
      They took good running cars off the road that the poor would have eventually have purchased and used. In doing so, they inflated the prices of used cars.
      Cash for clunkers as well as this push for EV’s, is an act of war against the United States, especially against the poor.

  • @mech-E says:

    The problem with these videos is that neither side is accurately and completely representing the facts. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. This is a bit of an echo chamber.

  • @thandolwakhechiliza8507 says:

    Love this show.

  • @vijaykumarsoni5650 says:

    Is it possible to translate English display running language

  • @johnhunter3011 says:


  • @greensandbeansgaming1358 says:

    They are working on making the expressways charging pads, so you charge while you drive then pay the city through an app on the car. If they can make it work Im for it, you can imagine how many pour the used oil in their backyards every oil change. No loud muffler sound, parking lots won’t have oil spots everywhere, the smell of exhaust and they are superior in power and torque. But ya have to come down in price and figure out better tires. Have to do it at some point anyway. Probably the same critics were around when they changed from horse and buggy to car. Nobody likes change. Id be for it after they have the charging expressways in place. For now probably the hybrid.

  • @rajivthakur4594 says:

    Haha………………. panicking oil man?

  • @_echo_off says:

    I think they will tax people on this as well, it hurts the poor people who can’t afford new crap, you know the kind you can’t charge when it’s too cold and can’t afford due to the 1 trillion every 90 days being wasted. Also 1 battery for an ev takes 1000 barrels of oil to make and is equivalent to 1 barrel of oil anyway. Never mind the child slave labor for cobalt.

  • @johnbethea4505 says:

    We had to have a tail pipe test and sticker years ago. It didn’t work out and was quit. I would rather walk before i will buy an EV..

  • @user-po3kp7vo2l says:

    Are tradind and income incompatible? I think you’re not keeping up with the news. While you thought it was impossible, some enthusiasts from Eledator made ai copy trading tool. Everyone now can make money on trading. What do you say now?

  • @user-ck6bf3ke1w says:

    5% of the population in NM makes enough money to buy an EV. Looks like the other 95% either gotta buy an electric scooter, horse, or learn to master the art of speed-walking & bicycling. I don’t see how I could ever afford that even with 3 jobs out here.

  • @user-ck6bf3ke1w says:

    I no slave to transportation. I refuse to work for nothing just to own a car!

  • @samuelzev4076 says:

    Oh great another day another faulty facts presented on this show. Please all of you lot look at Scandinavia particularly Norway and Iceland, these two continents have gone nearly electric for the past decade and their infrastructure is working well. Yea these countries pay high taxes but it gets well distributed for the infrastructure and the government in these countries reward you with tax breaks if you buy electric cars or at least reduce your emissions and everything looks better there than in the USA

  • @rifleman42051 says:

    Zero Point Energy=End Game!!!

  • @guycoulombe4547 says:

    A lot of green facists here.

  • @jamewilliams7660 says:

    Great content! as the world crisis progresses the smartest thing people do lately is building a strong investment that isn’t controlled by the government. Like digital currencies.

    • @CarlosLocke says:

      Are individuals still holding crypto coin and stocks? I didn’t know that , I guess a few know about integrating into the micro economy to help substitute FIAT or usdt for a more tangible exchange Experience, it more like capitalization with about 43.307% profits/ ROI weekly though.. ps..Kimberly Jane Carl,got me covered!

    • @burrinch5142 says:

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    • @CarlosLocke says:


    • @CarlosLocke says:


    • @CarlosLocke says:


  • @i.alexjohn says:

    Biden’s mandate, You realize there are 2 you’s ?

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