Fact or Fiction in Climate Change Debate- Mike Mauceli, Gregory Wrightstone

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In this episode of The Energy Show with REI Energy, host Mike Mauceli speaks with Gregory Wrightstone, a geologist and the executive director of the CO2 Coalition. Wrightstone argues that increased CO2 and warming climates are benefiting humanity, challenging prevalent green rhetoric. They discuss the decline in severe tornadoes, the historical benefits of warming periods, and what Wrightstone terms as 'climate imperialism.' The conversation addresses widespread myths about climate change and the importance of fact-based science. Wrightstone promotes his books, 'A Very Convenient Warming' and 'Inconvenient Facts,' and expresses criticism towards mainstream narratives and platforms like LinkedIn suppressing opposing views.

00:00 Introduction
01:04 Tornadoes and Climate Change Myths
04:27 Hurricanes and Climate Data Manipulation
05:31 CO2 Coalition and Climate Benefits
08:35 Historical Climate Trends and Human Prosperity
12:16 Climate Politics and Misinformation
20:23 Global Climate Policies and Their Impact
24:06 Conclusion and Book Promotion


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  • @TomGaltress says:

    Its not a debate if it’s one person making claims and another person agreeing with them.

    • @JeffreyDavidM says:

      You are missing the nuance of the title. They’re not saying it is a debate. They’re saying fact or fiction with regard to the larger debate.

  • @danikoce says:

    Thanks a lot for Your time and relevant information, especially in 2024.
    I’m from Latvia 🇱🇻, and I have noticed that over the past 5 years temperature is really increased, especially in the summer! 😉☝️
    ….i’m very surprised that Robert and his friends are really brave guys, they aren’t afraid to say the truth without hiding their faces etc. 😎💪💪💪🇺🇸

    • @garysarela4431 says:

      Wrightstone is a petroleum geologist, not a climatologist. He is the owner of Wrightstone Energy Consulting which serves the fossil fuel industry.

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