The US Debt Crisis END GAME (Here’s How It’ll Play Out)

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Cameron Long

  • @willnitschke says:

    It will play out by the Fed monetising the debt with inflation staying elevated indefinitely.

    • @nodaklojack says:

      Imagine 50,60,70 years ago. People probably said no way are they going to inflate the debt away (existing at that time). What did they do?

      Same game, different day.

    • @willnitschke says:

      @nodaklojack  What few people seem to understand is that it’s not the debt that’s damaging to the economy provided the Fed buys up that debt (hence no servicing costs). It’s the public sector crowding out the private sector with the expenditures/money printing, that is doing the damage in real time. Hence why GDP has been so lethargic for so long.

    • @Dressy7 says:

      Refer to dollar milkshake theory. I see your point, but in the long run I see the dollar value actually going up. If we print, other countries copy. If we tighten, other countries try to copy and crumble

    • @willnitschke says:

      @Dressy7  I’m familiar with how it works but that has nothing to do with what I wrote.

    • @Godspeedysick says:

      That will tank the market and potentially destroy it for good.

  • @shaakenbake says:

    Inflation is the only way.

    • @bargdaffy1535 says:

      Wrong. “There is nothing to prevent the Federal Government from creating as much money as it wants and giving it to someone, the problem is are the Goods and Services available which those funds would be used to purchase. The Cash is there which is nice, but it has to be in balance with the resources to purchase.” ~Alan Greenspan Under Oath refuting Paul Ryan’s attempts to Justify privatizing Social Security.

  • @propheticpig868 says:

    Wrong , the Bank of International settlement in Basel Switzerland says there is about 80 trillion dollars of hidden US debt tied up in the derivatives market, in addition to the 34 trillion George mentioned.

    • @thomaswright1057 says:

      Is basel iii ever going to pump precious metals as “tier one assets “? Haven heard Anythinv in long time

  • @mitchbatten8281 says:

    They kinda told us what the end game is, they need 100$Trillion. The question is how much have they actually stolen compared to what they are claiming based on the debt clock. Considering how hard they are pounding the war drums, we should assume they are getting close.

  • @richhands5269 says:

    My three favorite channels: George Gammon, Stock Brotha, & How Money Works. Make my week complete! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • @kendavis8046 says:

    George, I’m old enough to remember someone (a Senator as I recall, though not his name) saying “A $Billion here, a $Billion there . . . pretty soon you are talking about REAL money!”
    Now those are rounding errors.
    Keynes was not actually even an economist. He was a gadfly who somehow became influential, while having no basic understanding of actual economies. As a fellow trained circa 1980 in a degree in Economics, and being “indoctrinated” into Keynesian models, even as an undergrad I understood that it was bullshit. I’ve been largely of the Austrian School since that time (with a few nuances that one gains as one gets older.)
    We live in stupid economic times, and literally I believe that the folks in “control” are trying to grift every last cent out of the system before it collapses.

  • @farmerdude3578 says:

    Many things can go wrong with a debt crisis. When the wealth affects turns up people could go crazy. The whole thing could get ugly real fast.

    • @bargdaffy1535 says:

      Wrong. The U.S. government creates its own Currency and can never run out. There is no such thing as a “National Debt” in a Sovereign Currency Government with an attendant $25 Trillion Econony which is very diversified. The important thing here is that the Federal Reserve does not dip its hand into a pot of “tax dollars” to pay military contractors, nor is it required to check some mythical account where tax dollars live before it wires the money. In fact, that account doesn’t exist. As former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke once noted, when the government pays for things, it is “not taxpayer money. We simply use the computer to mark up the size of the account.” Alan Greenspan, Bernanke’s libertarian predecessor at the Fed further clarified, “There’s nothing to prevent the federal government from creating as much money as it wants and paying it to someone.” The implication is that if Congress can pass a bill that requires some form of spending, the Federal Reserve can and will spend that money without limit, as is the case with the military. This directly contradicts ideas about government money espoused by leading politicians.

    • @belkismorales152 says:

      … yes!!! Especially among the middle class members…

  • @ElectricIguana says:

    As a financially responsible drunken sailor, I cannot express how tiresome the comparison to government spending has become.

  • @marcsarfati3291 says:

    Error we did not surplus in the 90’s

    1) we had lowering of cost of serving the debt, Ie lower interest rates by trading T Bills to shorter terms

  • @Shuguiis says:

    That why babies cry when there born 😅as soon as they realize they were born in America owing 100k 😂

  • @pavementstoneguy says:

    Reminds me of that famous Ben Bernanke paper – ‘Deflation – Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Here’

  • @orion6704 says:

    The Government spending is a huge problem 😮

  • @Markbush589 says:

    The US dollar has reached the end of its life cycle just as every other fiat currency in history. Gold and silver are the best store of value – don’t buy it to get rich buy it to preserve your wealth. I love Greg he tells it like it is.

    • @RockwellAIM65 says:

      It’ s just starting. We still have 100 years before tributary states run out and we can’t pump immigration anymore.

  • @jimmyvanzeno says:

    Love your work George!!

  • @user-rl5wm1cm1k says:

    I think Mr. Ray Dalio nailed it. It’s “Lifecycle Of Empire”! Thanks Ray.

  • @elftreehug says:

    Thank you for doing your videos!

  • @AllNighterHeider says:

    Thanks George and rebel crew

  • @sunshinegirl4715 says:

    On-point analysis as ever, George. Thank you.

  • @Baldwin321 says:

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    • @Alden457 says:

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  • @debwes1 says:

    The Us Government really needs to start making better decisions for the sake of it’s citizens, cos’ they’ve really made life more difficult for its residents. This hyperinflation has left the less haves bearing the brunt of the burden. I’m concerned that this may ruin my entire $920k retirement portfolio. Where else can we invest our money?

    • @josephbush says:

      The government has let us down; just buy gold.

    • @georgeh.5126 says:

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