Cameron Long

  • @andyyhimself says:

    Teach us then?

  • @Sweetpea-2023 says:

    Grant is not wrong.

  • @sethlouden2529 says:

    I worship god, not money

  • @rockett9053 says:

    I make $380,000 a year. I’m a single father of two and you’re right I got about $80,000 in the bank after all these years. 58% of my pay goes towards taxes.

    • @Sebsemzs says:

      If you invested the 80k and contributed just 15% of your post tax paycheck (roughly $1850) and grew at SPYs average annual return of 10.16% you would be a millionaire in 15 years.

      I don’t know what state you’re in, but someone with that salary where I’m at would be a millionaire in 9 years with a 25% contribution.

    • @MysterE95 says:

      You are doing a bad job saving and investing. Even after taxes, if you just lived on 100k a year(which is more than what most people live on) you could save about that 80k, every year.

    • @jkey3835 says:

      How does it feel paying for all the migrants coming across the southern border 😂😂lmao

    • @mr.random6276 says:

      Learn to invest dude
      If you can’t learn that concept then of course you ain’t getting anywhere

    • @farrukhnormuradov1372 says:

      Tell me about it. Fully agreed. Let’s get the ball rolling. Gotta figure out the next move

  • @bidenhasdementia8657 says:

    These guys remind me of prosperity preachers

  • @supersaiyanunbreaded6765 says:

    Everyone eating grants bullshit up should be ashamed

    • @Dulc3B00kbyBrant0n says:

      notice he made points tho? u cant just name call someone and hope to convince

    • @joeschneider3894 says:

      Ashamed?! 😂 I found his book 10x when I was living in poverty. Read it on repeat. It woke me up from my bs socialist mindset. In eight years I went from DEEPLY impoverished ($3k a year) to near $400k net worth. My investment portfolio earns me about $50-$60k a year right now… more than the median US income. And that’s just my passive income. I’m still working too.

      If I don’t increase my income at all and stay at the same pace I’ve been at the last eight years, I’ll be a millionaire in under ten years and should retire with about $5million. If I stash that $5 million in US bonds and high yield savings accounts earning 5% interest per year, I’ll be able to live on $250k per year in my old age and NEVER dip into the original $5 million. As opposed to the $1500-$2000 check you can plan on getting in social security.

      I accomplished this as a self employed artist who works from home and rents his apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I attribute about 90% of the success I’ve seen the last eight years and my future multimillionaire status to Grant and his book that I gave him $9 for. Best $9 I’ve ever spent. Gonna turn that $9 into $5 mill. I’ll take that deal any day of the week.

      I’m not ashamed. I’m just not a moron. Not anymore at least. I know I sure used to be. Thank god Grant work my dumb @$$ up. Enjoy your $2000/month retirement paycheck while I’m sitting over here making art and counting my multiple millions.

      Oh and btw…
      No. I don’t have a course to sell you. I don’t have affiliate links to send you. I don’t want to trade crypto. I don’t have any videos for you to watch or like and subscribe. And my only message is… I’m not ashamed in the slightest. But you should be.

      Now go do something productive with your life.

    • @davidalderman8165 says:

      How do YOU compare?

    • @Aoredon says:

      @@Dulc3B00kbyBrant0n I can tell you have very low intellectual abilities just by the way you commented lol. I implore you to tell me what points you actually took away from this video.

    • @panzer448 says:

      Grant is evil he looks lost and brainwashed he needs to find Jesus

  • @PEPWEY says:

    Stop throwing shade Grant!

  • @TamicoShawn says:

    And it’s happening in real time

  • @nanoukakatishwoods4148 says:


  • @denzel274 says:

    Thats what we call honest living not like you scamming people.

  • @Trust_nun-foo says:

    Professional yapper. The scammer makin 4 mil wont show up to a single little league game for his kids. How is being absent better

  • @Liam-yz6ro says:

    people save wrong. I know adults who earn around 500k but manage to save around 100k yearly – with kids going to expensive private prep schools and no financial aid. living a luxurious lifestyle without enough pay to sustain it isn’t an excuse for struggling financially.

  • @MartinChelseaMatthews says:

    This is true!

  • @robertrush4736 says:

    Grant Cardone reminds me of Jordan Belfort from “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

  • @earthian3658 says:

    It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more that is poor.

  • @adalberogonzalez says:

    Dam he’s right

  • @BIGLou888 says:


  • @who818 says:

    There is no moddle class

  • @sporttiger1766 says:

    I have no problem with people making bank…but if you NEED more than 400k a year to live comfortably youve got prioroties mixed up 😂

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