SPI 770: So You Just Hired Someone? What’s Next?

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#770 Making your first hire is a massive step in your entrepreneurial journey! If you're onboarding your first employee or contractor or need a refresher on being an effective team leader, listen in because this episode is for you! Of course, I've often had Jess Lindgren, my executive assistant of over ten years, on the show. Go to episode 753 to uncover the lessons we've learned working together for so long! But what do you need to do on day one with your first hire? And what are the specific things you definitely need to check off in the first week of working with someone new? Today, I cover everything from onboarding and company culture to protecting yourself against scammers and employees going AWOL. And shout out to our SPI Pro member, Derek Miller of Genius Lab Gear, for inspiring me to cover this topic! Tune in, and enjoy! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session770 ( ) .

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Cameron Long