Skincare Secrets and Plastic Surgery Realities with Dr. Anthony Youn

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

Does red light therapy really work? Is there any point to a 10 part skincare routine? Does retinol really work?

In this episode of The Chalene Show, we explore skincare and plastic surgery with Dr. Anthony Youn, a holistic plastic surgeon with a large social media following. We delve into various topics, including the effectiveness of red light therapy, myths around skincare routines, the benefits of retinol and Botox alternatives, truths about collagen supplements, and the realities of cosmetic surgery, including the BBL procedure. Dr. Youn also discusses his holistic approach and his book "Younger for Life," which includes a 21-day program focusing on diet, skincare, and supplements. This episode is packed with insights for anyone interested in plastic surgery, refining their skincare routine, or understanding popular treatments, along with exclusive offers on Dr. Youn's book and skincare products.

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