Reasons You Don’t Want Sex and How to Fix it

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How is your sex life? Do you have a low sex drive or just never in the mood for sex?

Join host Chalene Johnson, her husband Bret Johnson, and special guest Susan Bratton in this eye-opening episode of The Chalene Show Podcast.

They discuss key topics in sexual health, addressing concerns like boosting sexual desire, dealing with erectile dysfunction, and navigating intimacy changes with age. Susan Bratton, an expert in sexual health, shares valuable insights on communication, hormones, and practical solutions to enhance intimacy. Discover how red light therapy and acoustic wave therapy can reverse the effects of aging on sexual health.

If you want to improve your relationship and reignite your love life, don't miss this candid discussion on The Chalene Show!

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Cameron Long

  • @chalenejohnson says:

    Who in your relationship tends to initiate sex more often?

    • @KroopinsPoopinScoopin says:

      Giving us the juicy stuff early Friday morning 🔥 🔥

    • @Nikki-rq8mh says:

      At the moment both .. also I love how I’m sipping my coffee and notification pops down .. “Reasons you don’t have Sex” I’m like 🙌 a new episode for my walk!

    • @irishcountrygirl78 says:

      Both of us, we can read each others mood. We both communicate, important to not be hurt if one person is too tired, pick it up again another time 😂.

    • @user-yp7vu2cb7p says:

      What if I’m sick of man saying it’s not you. Im 60, best shape of my life.
      I’m sick of this. I’m bored.

    • @aimeestrickland9286 says:

      This was so awesome and informative . Answered may questions I have I am turning 50 on Christmas Day and have started menopause and having some changes. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • @patrickplummer1027 says:

    Dear Santa, only thing I need for Christmas is for the angel Chalene to have the best Christmas ever! She earned it and deserves it! She is a gift from Heaven!

  • @juysdeano says:

    This is sooo helpful and so informative ❤❤❤

  • @elizabethpalumbo6516 says:

    This is great! Thank you so much for bringing up this topic. My husband and I are very affectionate, but I think he has stopped attempting to inmate and I don’t want to have to do it every time. I like the idea of massages, snuggling, etc… to get the ball rolling. I wish the FemWave was not 2-2.5 hours away from my home, if this truly works Docs need to get onboard!

  • @JazMa5504 says:

    Thanks for video, unfortunately this does not pertain to me and my husband as it’s been 13 yrs since intimacy. We just don’t care and never try to fix it. But hopefully this will help another viewer. Merry Christmas to you, Brett and all of yours🎄🎄🎄

  • @LaVondaTrimm says:

    This is truly sex EDUCATION 💫

  • @tammyduncan7671 says:

    This is so important for both husband and wife to watch! I’m looking forward to listening to more of Susan’s podcasts. Thank you, Chalene!

  • @loveandhappiness1111 says:

    My reasons for not wanting sex are due to interpersonal reasons and childhood trauma, but I hope the ladies who use this get wonderful results.

  • @mamalovesthebeach437 says:

    What a gift Susan is Chalene and Bret! Merry Christmas!❤️❤️

  • @jackuelynneraft3562 says:

    Thank you so much for this. Between aging and a busy life our sex life could be alot better. Definitely going to use the tools from this episode to get the fire back. Merry Christmas to you both❤

  • @Anita-Patel says:

    Amazing episode!! Thank you for introducing me to Susan’s work.. I love how she backs everything up with a health/ science perspective.. learned a lot and related to so much of it! Keep up the great work 🎉

  • @dmuhammad3971 says:

    Please have her back on your show again. This is a fantastic episode. Grown folks ish spoken here.❤

  • @lourdesgallegos7508 says:

    Truly educational, thank you!

  • @dianedonaldson2847 says:

    This was perfect and so informative! I bought a machine that does what the femiwave does! and love it. I no longer need to go to a professional to do this. Which cost about 3000. I had incontinence issues and it also helps with the rejuvenation! I loved that you also had a segment about men!

  • @GwenMotoGirl says:

    Thank you for always bringing the good life info. Paused at 1:05 to go get a list of every podcast with Susan Bratton then came back here. I’m so grateful to have a great and rich sex/love life with my guy (he’s 68, I’m almost 64) in this phase of my life because I was in a totally sexless marriage for many years and it sucked. Ok, back to this video. Thank you, Chalene! And Bret! I’ll probably edit this comment to add more info.

  • @breewithlove says:

    Love love love it Chalene!!!! Susan is a wonderful source of knowledge. I am in NRE (few months now)….so these topics are not plaguing us just yet…but we are 50 and 51….so whether we like it or not, some of this may come a knockin…Ima gonna refer back to this one. Love you, mean it <3

  • @user-so2gi6vy4h says:

    This was really great. Thanks for tackling such a sensitive subject! So much good information

  • @maggieunde says:

    I’m 27 and this was valuable information! Would love to see more of her on your channel!

  • @morrighan8787 says:

    I think sex is such a complex topic, though. There’s “discussable factors” and then there’s things we still don’t talk about. A LOT of people ‘settle’ in relationships and don’t feel fully fulfilled, and even just that can dim your sexual desire, and that’s something NOBODY wants to admit. A lot of people don’t KNOW themselves sexually because society indoctrinates and shames us into not exploring. In my 20s I was convinced I had a low sex drive. I didn’t. I was just in the wrong relationship. But if you’d told me that then, I would have sworn on my life you were wrong. I didn’t know myself sexually before I met my ex, and I didn’t feel safe to honestly explore with him because he was judgmental due to his own scars and issues.

  • @jennybadl7840 says:

    Thank you for this awesome interview!

  • >