Most Personal Questions Answered

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Do you get Botox fillers? How do you avoid having a cameltoe? Would you consider additional surgeries?

In today's episode of The Chalene Show podcast, Chalene Johnson fearlessly tackles your most personal and provocative questions! Chalene will be diving deep into topics like surgeries, losing her virginity, divorce considerations, Botox fillers, and even tips to avoid camel toe – nothing is off-limits. These questions came directly from Chalene’s Instagram community, and she promises to answer them all, no matter how offensive they may be.

Get ready for an unfiltered, honest, and authentic conversation about aspects of Chalene’s life that she has never discussed before. Whether you're curious about her feelings toward her body, Bret's hair secrets, parenting help, tummy tucks, or recreational experiences, Chalene tells all!

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Cameron Long

  • @bethme568 says:

    what if we have blonde leg hair? I can’t even find a good razor to shave my legs!! Its soo hard! Camel to option too- pantyliners!

  • @sonyasylvester100 says:

    Thankyou for sharing

  • @kmonteith100 says:

    I’m having the worst time right now with perimenopause. Every single night I wake up soaken wet, and then I’m uncomfortable because the bedding is wet too. I’m 48, and I’m considering hormone replacement. How did it change things for you?

  • @janicedeangelis354 says:

    Always admire and appreciate your honesty! You are a woman’s woman💕

  • @kimdavis1091 says:

    Your honesty is beyond refreshing these days Chalene … thank you so much…

  • @blueseptember2174 says:

    Ive dont alot of your beach body workouts in my twenties and found you again through youtube. Enjoying listening to you on my morning walks with the 🐕.

  • @sarafladeland102 says:

    I ALWAYS love seeing these episodes…so much good info on a variety of topics! Plus I LOL with so many things you say…I love ittttt❤

  • @blueseptember2174 says:

    Omg i have that csection shelf with an indention to boot! Insurance wont cover 😢

  • @djherman104 says:

    Loved this refreshing round of Q&A! So funny what people will ask but ya know we all think and wonder these things from time to time. 😊 Love, mean it!

  • @vhelma21945 says:

    Chalene you are a wholesome Woman and I enjoy your podcasts & videos!! Thank you for your refreshing approach to your social media life!

  • @ct2co2AZ says:

    I have always loved you since Turbo times and I’m so sorry that you weren’t happy with yourself during those times. You were my favorite, my breath of fresh air, you made me feel ok if I couldn’t do all the moves as well and to the capacity that you did. Your authenticity and amazing energy helped me plug on. I’m 42 and coming back from a major slacking in fitness. I’m kicking it up and I still love to look to you for motivation. I may have not been completely up to date with all your social media platforms over the years but I’ve been on here for the past few months because I turned back to you when I needed inspiration and motivation to be a better version of myself. I’m glad that you are so proud of your lower body because I know you worked hard for it. You are smokin at 54! Sadly I cannot afford any procedures at all, I’m saving up for spider veins to be zapped because it bothers me so so much, but I hope I look half as good as you when I’m 54. I just wanted to let you know that you have positively impacted my life for a long time, and when I wasn’t consistent, I come back to you.

  • @kendradamm1428 says:

    Oh my gosh…you weren’t kidding. You did not hold back!! I don’t know if I could be that brave to just lay it all out there like you just did! Thank you for this!

  • @RayEdwards says:

    Loved this episode Chalene! And … my wife of 38 years is getting a love letter today, thanks to you sharing that tidbit!

  • @utube0372 says:

    I do not notice any difference in your eyes all I see is two beautiful eyes on a very beautiful young lady & who ever even asked that question speaks volumes on their heart smh 💕

  • @chrisring6414 says:

    you are so my She-ro 💜 💜💜

  • @pat-realfoodnanu9050 says:

    How long did it take to notice a difference after starting HRT?
    Do you have an dedicated video on the topic?

  • @rebekahheng7973 says:

    I am such a fan! Since back in the day of TurboJam! Thank you for your honesty and purpose of putting truth out there in so many areas of life!
    Q: Have you done a wardrobe reveal before?! I’d love to see all the goodies in your closet!💖

  • @shannonlapole3650 says:

    You are legit!!

  • >