Is It TOO LATE to Start a Podcast?

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Many will say it's too late to start a podcast – that the space is saturated. Here's what I think…

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Cameron Long

  • @kevinwoodward9821 says:

    1st😂.. maybe

    • @paulduggan2 says:

      Now, it is your duty to watch the video in its entirety, and ‘smash’ the Like button too. Get on it!

    • @kevinwoodward9821 says:

      @@paulduggan2 i did.. not gonna be one to just drop a çomment and not like and support it. Have a great day man🤪

  • @amazingmrjesse3995 says:

    Its never to late!! Especially if you love it!!

  • @pokedawg says:

    Thanks Pat!!

  • @margaretmclaren4685 says:

    A very timely video for me since I’m considering starting a podcast. Thanks!

  • @kevinwoodward9821 says:

    Pat, your videos are always are great man…thanks for this one. Definately needed this today.. full time gig worker a little over 3 years now, thats been through a lot more than i could actually leave here, but have been building one from the ground up, including set design 1 piece at a time, around long and crazy hours on the road, and dealing with the curveballs life tosses my way as they come. Its been a learning process for sure but definately worth the investments ive been making to build an environment for it then move on to learning the software, and taking it a step at a time. Thanks for being more of a straight shooter, yet still encouraging others to chase that dream that only we can see. To quote einstein.. “imagination is the preview of lifes coming attractions”😊 have an awesome day!

  • @marksimmelkjaer7841 says:

    Great content here. Much appreciate it.

  • @InvestBetter. says:

    If you are not at least doing a podcast at least one a week, you’re really bulling

  • @Just_Samson says:

    Well done Pat

  • @TrueLightPublic says:

    What a wonderfully encouraging message! Thank you!

  • @michaeldaniels964 says:

    Take your flowers🎉 Pat, you’re good Bro👊🏾

  • @CalebWojcik says:

    Love this. It is never too late to RESTART a “dead” podcast either.

  • @Aelfswythe says:

    This video was validating to watch. I’m in the 5th season of my podcast, Victory Kitchen. It’s a very niche topic of history but I followed similar great advice to this when I was just starting. My growth has been slow and steady, but what I think is a better indicator is the feedback I get from my listeners. My episodes are research-heavy so I can’t produce them as quickly, but it’s a great feeling knowing that people look forward to them and are understanding of how much work goes into them. So I’d say don’t be afraid to not post every single week. (I post every few months!) Be consistent, but make sure the pace is sustainable for you so you don’t burn out.

  • @AwkwardAscent says:

    Thanks for nudging me to get back out there!! Sometimes time off is needed to regroup so you can really show up for your audience in a more intentional way 🦋

  • @KennethGreenCMP says:

    Facts – there is always room for better or best. Just get started.

  • @DawnaJones says:

    I’ve been podcasting since 2008. wondering if it is time to give it up given how many big channels get so much more exposure.

  • @atravelpath says:

    Well said, thanks for the message of encouragement!

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