How to Start a Podcast in 2021 – Setup, Strategy, Monetization & Fans

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Watch the updated 2022 version to how to start a podcast here:

We're going ALL-IN on podcasting, right from the start. From learning what equipment and software to use, to how to setup your show, record and edit and even upload to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and more.

Learn everything you need to know to start a podcast the right way from 10 year podcasting professional Pat Flynn, host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, and Ask Pat Podcast, with a combined total of over 65 million downloads.

Let's do this!

0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – Why Podcasting
3:11 – Pros and Cons
7:03 – Types of Podcasts
15:36 – If I Were to Start Over Today
25:06 – First Steps and Equipment
34:53 – How to Get Listeners
42:53 – How to Make Money with Your Podcast

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Cameron Long

  • Manny Cabo says:

    I have to say, you have been such a positive influence on me especially now when my 1st “Mojo For Musicians” podcast episode is about to launch. Since my days featured on NBC’s “The Voice” and NBC / Telemundo’s “La Voz” I have compiled a plethora of concepts on inspiring musicians world wide and you have been the impetus behind my drive to crush this podcast idea so thank you man. If you ever need a guest who has overcome the odds even after a multitude of hardships, jealousy, age and more on the struggles of becoming a successful artist, both as an award winning editorial Music Photographer and Singer…I’m your guy and it would be an honor!!!! Thank you Pat… Great share my man, brilliant stuff on here… Many more blessings!!!!! – Manny

  • Tim Hief says:

    Love the advice Pat. I just published a trailer, 5 minutes long and went through some of the planning/execution gymnastics you mentioned at the beginning of the show. I have good equipment, I’m used to speaking in front of larger groups of people and I’ve even hosted open mic events for musicians for many years BUT talking solo into a microphone and keeping a train of thought, especially without notes left me wondering if I even made the right choice to stand-up a podcast. Finally I realized, much like doing jump cuts when editing a video for YouTube, I could create a long pause after a verbal mistake and retake the moment. The editing process was faster and I ended up with a trailer I could use. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge like this.

  • Renee Pavlus says:

    Hi Pat, I’ve been listening to you for a while, you’re helping me understand more about the podcasting process and how to simplify it. Especially considering the fact that I am physically disabled being blind, and technology isn’t my best friend. I’m wanting to reach out to people of different disability uniqueness, retired and older people like myself, women, and people who are struggling with authenticity, I’m going to be teaching principles of psychology and mental health I’m going to be interviewing people in the disability areas and I’m going to be interviewing people who have succeeded despite it because of disability uniqueness ageism sex gender in other things. My platform is somewhat unique, and being that I’m 65 years of age having two masters degree programs under my belt in clinical psychology I’m about moving forward, I’m about using conditions physical metal side psychological sensory as ways to help you move forward rather than keep you back. Would love to hear from you, could use some advice, was going to purchase your course, but I’d like to talk to you before I do that, your advice is equitable, wonderful, informative, and real. The name of my podcast is going to be differently abled the times and seasons of our lives, thank you for sharing, for offering really good information and resources, in fact I actually got on YouTube yesterday and I actually found a person who uses audacity and they’re blind, so anything is possible, are use the voice screen reader program, and I probably will use some of the other resources and sources that you recommend, including the mics and all that go with it. Thank you, love to hear from you, blessings, Renee,

  • Lyric J. says:

    This has helped me so much, I just finished your podcast tutorial that you created two years ago, and this gave me extra tips that I could use throughout my podcast journey. Thank you for doing this and for sharing all your fruits with us because this is a blessing in disguise for me , I didn’t even realize how big this can be if I really commit to why I wanted to start this podcast in the first place. You have opened my mind to endless possibilities and I just wanna share my appreciation, thank you.

  • Cath Mallo says:

    I was able to listen to your podcast episode on Why everyone needs to have a podcast while I was searching for extra push for me to starting my own. Then finally, I came across this video. So much helpful. I’ve already started my 1st episode and it wasn’t that perfect, I did more than 50 practice recording until I just realized, I won’t make it the best audio in just a day 😀 . Anyway, I got so much nuggets from this video and I love what you said on “Be a disaster first before you become a Master.” It makes so much sense and it is so true. Thank you 🙂

  • The Rising Entrepreneur Podcast says:

    Wow Pat, I’ve been following you for some time but never heard the story of the 1.5 year gap between your first audio and your first podcast episode! This is a huge inspiration as I’ve started my podcast (The Rising Entrepreneur) a year ago in August 2019, and I’m not anywhere near where I had hoped I’d be by now… but it’s all good. #nevergiveup

  • danny says:

    I started a podcast last year, ultimately stopping because I wasn’t attracting as many listeners as I hoped for. Attracting an audience has always been difficult for me, understanding the analytics and keeping up with different platforms and trends. I just want to make a podcast on transparency and self betterment and this video was super helpful as I seemed to have forgotten the steps. Excited to jump back into podcasting, thank you Pat for the advice!

  • Aaron Rodriguez says:

    This was great, it really helped put things into perspective for me. I have been trying numerous things out such as putting videos out a week before putting up the audio to the RSS feeds. I also have evening doing the podcast live on Instagram and realized that if I put the video out no one really listens to the audio. It’s a learning curve and easy to get discouraged, especially if you put hours into editing and not get the traction you hoped.

  • Carl Alleyne says:

    “Be a disaster before the master” Awesome advice. Thank you Pat! This was awesome!

  • Hèlé says:

    Hey Pat,
    Thank you for sharing your expertise. I enjoy your sincerity.. Been thinking about starting a Podcast and needed clarity. I love to share information and ideas. But more than that I have a grand appreciation for connecting people and creating relationships. Your knowledge and clarity is superb and well appreciated. I’ve become a subscriber because of your authenticity and the fact that you’re real-not a giant sales pitch… All the best😊

  • Consuela says:

    Great, helpful and inspiring! You’ve given me the confidence to begin sharing my passion and knowledge to help others.

  • Love Audio Production says:

    Watching the replay Pat. Such good stuff. I’ve posted two episodes so far and I’m behind on my third so this was the impotus I needed to get it done!

  • Jon Ray says:

    You’re right about the staying power of your work. Just found about your work and now a fan and subscriber – thanks for inspiring us and helping us out by sharing your experiences and advice! (beats any giveaway in my book, because we all “won”)

  • Winnie Itaeli says:

    I loved the first recording because it was genuine and shows how we can all evolve with constant work and dedication. This video is encouraging and refreshing to see for someone thinking and trying to start a podcast soon.

  • Laurice says:

    OMG your story about fear & nervousness paralyzing your initial career sounds so much like ME! But you’re right, just DOING it is the Best way. Video recording for later use is a great idea you suggested in one of your other videos. But at least publishing the audio podcast first is an amazing way to build an audience and develop a relationship with them, especially if you’re camera shy in the beginning. I never even thought about creating a podcast, until I discovered your You Tube channel. I’m so glad that I subscribed. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Thea P says:

    I love this video! Thank you for sharing your very first audio clip with us! I love seeing people’s growth & progression over the years. Just started my own podcast & your videos have been most helpful 🙏

  • Avin Tan says:

    Hey Pat, thank you very much for all that information, and for being so vulnerable in the video. Learning that you took 10 tried before you publish the trailer and another 18 months to get back into podcast, really validated my fears. Now I feel less fearful and will move forward with my podcast right away.

    I’m curious what your thoughts are on using anchor?

  • Ann says:

    First steps:
    1. Nail the title of the show.
    2. Being able to describe it to others.
    3. Plan 25 episodes ahead as a way to validate your ability to produce episodes
    Nail who it’s for, what it’s about, what questions people have about the topic, what’s popular, what’s the trend, ask your audience first who they wanna have on the show, then use that as evidence when inviting a guest on the show.

  • Samuel Pitt says:

    Thanks Pat for this. Really useful advice for podcast starters. For me, the greatest takeaway was to plan in advance, create a great name and also appear on other people’s podcasts. Thanks a lot.

  • Aaron Ellen says:

    If anyone out there wants to start a podcast (or anything else for that matter) know this: If you care to much about what other people think of you you’ll never do anything. So as long as you have good intentions and you aren’t intentionally hurting anyone, what other people will think is nothing to do with you. Life is to short to wait, your dreams will never happen by themselves.

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