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Cameron Long

  • @kleinkbkayb5369 says:

    JEALOUSLY is the LAST class to ATTEND before you BECOME a witch..😮

  • @DeepValueOptions says:

    Dude is a scam artist. Just follow real good people instead of

  • @jk3inc says:

    Uncle G 💯

  • @thievingpanda says:

    He probably bought a portfolio of properties

  • @Underwood_5 says:

    Anybody can go into a debt and have a loan. What do you own outright is my question? Idk how people sleep at night being in debt up to their eyes 😂

  • @BIGLou888 says:

    We need classes to “Guarantee” with NO B.S. or excuses, that We’re going to make this kind of money!!!! Seriously!
    Then maybe there would be less turn over, less homeless, less welfare, less unemployment payouts, less decline in commerce.
    It can do alot!
    Why aren’t people literally helping others become Millionaires and Billionaires?
    —–>> Without charging a big amount or cost to do it, upfront!

  • @edgargallardo7850 says:

    This can of people getting all the properties and inflating the prices

  • @somethingginterestingg4275 says:

    Now show the underwear that made you 800 million

  • @jjwatt5126 says:

    He doesn’t own any of that. This guy is a walking debt time bomb.

  • @anthonycapra3987 says:

    This guy needs to get a life, go hang out with your family and friends you have enough money and you don’t inspire people

  • @Dad66890 says:

    still can’t decide if he is a scammer or legit. Maybe both😂

  • @abelucas3037 says:

    Probably even more than that. $1.6B to $1.8B.

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