I Changed My Diet, Body And Overall Health

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Chalene Johnson breaks down what diet phasing is all about and her updated take on it. A game-changer for better gut health and metabolic flexibility for optimal health and weight loss. Learn how this adaptable strategy can help you overcome dietary plateaus, tune into your body's needs, and navigate hormonal changes. Chalene shares her own diet phasing experience and why listening to your body could be your best move for feeling your best. If you're all about finding a healthier, happier you without sticking to the same old diet rules this is a must-watch!!

⭐️⭐️I Walked 10,000 Steps A Day For 30 Days

⭐️⭐️Cardio vs Strength Training for Women over 40


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Cameron Long

  • @chalenejohnson says:

    ⭐⭐Join the all-new Phase It Up!! ➜ Go to Phaseitup.com

  • @katparrott7898 says:

    After your last video I increased my daily step goal from 6K to 10K. The first four days my calves were screaming! Loving it ❤️

  • @barrie-lynn says:

    Thank you Chalene! I’m 55 and have Hypothyroidism, It’s extremely difficult to lose weight. I recently got a treadmill and joined your Phase it up group. Looking forward to getting healthy and fit so I can live my best life.

  • @stephanieglaser6984 says:

    Omg you’re totally speaking my language! As a dietitian in private practice I am constantly educating my clients to eat more variety to support better gut health which leads to better overall health and body composition!! But I just love how you break it down!! I’m going to share this with all my clients ❤

  • @chih9397 says:

    Chalene, you’re not excluding the younger audience. I think you’re a great “big sis” for the younger cohort. You show us how to prepare for our future. Thanks! ❤

    • @noshame5791 says:

      This is precisely why I love her! She feels like an aunt or big sis to me. I don’t have any women that care about themselves to really follow! Hope my daughter’s will follow me. But I never really discuss these kinds of things with them because I’m terrified of them developing an ed.

  • @Veronicalva710 says:

    Chalene 💖 I’m 27 and I’m just here because I want to look and feel as good as you do, always look forward to your videos xoxo

  • @gjudithg2282 says:

    You are an amazing human!!.
    You are my big sister!
    Thank you, Charlene!

  • @alainamesser6626 says:

    Chalene, preaching the intuition gospel! 👏🏻👏🏻 I share the same vision of the utopia that you see, and I will include that the same message goes for skin care and beauty industry. I have been an esthetician for 23 years, and the skin care industry is unhinged, much like the diet i dusted. Everyone is using a million products and treatments, and I see damaged skin because of it. We don’t need all of these outside sources telling us what is right for our body. When we listen, it will tell us exactly what it wants and needs. We are magical!

  • @kerrykahler3226 says:

    Chalene I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to help this age range of women & all the free advice, videos & knowledge you give! You have an amazing ❤!!

  • @desbrow3339 says:

    Thank you Chalene. We are the same age, double nickels, and I have (not religiously) followed you since Turbo Jam… which may still be around here some where, LoL! I had wondered what happened and recently found your channel and got the answer… and have learned/seen how wonderfully you have grown & matured. Funny, you & I have gone through similar realizations regarding the fitness industry, me from a life-long fitness enthusiast, consumer-side, and in our interests in this new, crazy ‘phase of life’ (aka postmenopausal). Finding you again in this phase has been truly interesting, enlightening and a joy. It feels like you are a kindred spirit, so to speak, and I’ve never used that phrase before LoL!
    I know it’s tricky narrowing down to a niche like you are doing but, if it helps, you’ve got me in this new adventure in navigating menopause 😄

  • @tiffanyraeable says:

    Thank you!! I’m going to look into Phase it up!

  • @s0uthernchic says:

    I purchased your book when it first came out; such a wonderful read. Excited about the remodel of PIU! Thinking I’m going to come back as a member soon ✨💗.

  • @user-gu2ot3pu6k says:

    I love that you’re focusing on women our age and what we’re going through. I really appreciate all the support and information you’re giving!! 😊

  • @DPQ19 says:

    Charlene❤️I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love love your channel!!! I stumble on one of your programs, … don’t even remember how, and now I am binge watching for last two weeks, I do 10,000 steps since watching your episode about increasing your steps, start eating more protein, and looking forward to learn more from you! Sorry I haven’t met you sooner…I am over 60..

  • @LisaVil31 says:

    Listening and walking around my house! 👏 thank you for sharing this informative video! Love ya, Chalene!

  • @Anita-Patel says:

    Chalene I think we would all love a Dr 2.0 database that would help us women find a practitioner that will individualize treatment for us.
    Also, as far as diet diversity… I have always tried to cook meals from different regions of the world throughout the year… even going out to eat at different types of eateries that I wouldn’t normally make at home. Vegetables, meats, condiments and spices all vary with different parts of the world. I realize that this is not possible for everyone but an easier way to do this is to go to the spice aisle at your local market and pick out the different blended spices from different regions and try adding them to your normal meals. Spices are another way to amp up the biodiversity in your gut! A little goes a long way too so it can last you a long time 😊. Great show as usual… love your passion for us 2.0 ers !!

  • @maydayfaerie says:

    @chalenejohnson I have been watching your video’s for a couple months now. Today is the day I hit the follow button. (and not because of the fantastic blurb about the amazingness of your followers lol) You showed up here so damn real & accountable and that is everything to me. As a woman in her late 40s deep deep into perimenopause, possibly menopausal (IUD makes it hard to know), and it is in it to win it in life, I am so happy to see more and more positive role models and advice being disseminated. Thank you.

  • @rosiefarnsworth8573 says:

    AMEN Chalene!!! I already live in your utopia 😊 I know what works for me! I have been strength training for decades and understand its importance, especially now in my sixties!! Absolutely love your common sense approach and love your videos ❤ Thank you for all you do. I appreciate YOU!!!

  • @sparklebot100 says:

    Chalene thank you for all the effort and heart you put into helping women in our 2.0 phase of life!
    I live in Alaska and there are so few choices when it comes to health care practitioners. If you hear of good docs in Alaska or heck even Washington and Oregon it would be great to know who they are. You have been inspiring me ever since 131 started. That you so much

  • @leahvincerouse says:

    I signed up for Phase it Up after the reset walking challenge. I am so excited to be on this journey with you and all the gals our age ! Thanks Chalene! ❤

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