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365 Days of Good Morning Good Life: Daily Reflections To Help You Go After The Life You Want

Good Morning! Good Life! 5 Simple Habits to Master Your Mornings & Upgrade Your Life

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Cameron Long

  • Amy Landino says:

    Love me some Sunday Brunch… especially when it involves PLANNING! Who’s going to kick off the week right with these daily planning skillz?!

  • Ayush Mehre says:

    quadrant 4: watch videos to get things done, procrastinate, rest, sleep, regret later, repeat

  • Christine Morse says:

    Loved this. I started doing something similar to this about a month back and am really seeing motivating results. Glad I am not the only one who puts “get ready for the day” on my calendar, it has to blocked off or I will just let my day be filled with random nonsense.

  • John Matthias says:

    I just started journaling, mostly because I’m a fan of fountain pens. It’s best benefit is simply giving yourself 30 minutes at the end of the day to draw up plans for the next day, week, etc.

  • Chad Valencia says:

    I guess the real trick is not having quadrant 4 become quadrant 1. Also, I love all the new changes in the site. It feels a lot more organic and relaxed, and much crispier. Also, coffee to vino is a nice touch!

  • Ewing HD says:

    Thumbs up + put on my fav list.
    This is like wake up call for me.
    Nice video Mrs. Amy 🙂

  • Angela Dyson says:

    Yes Amy, more of this stuff please. These vids are great! I just now need to make time to do a calendar and put this video into action. ☺

  • Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio says:

    Love the calendar blocking – I do this in my planners – multiple – but I haven’t thought of adding them to my Google calendar 🤓 Guess what I’m growing this week! Thank you so much! As always – adore and love you! 😉

  • Jeremy Howlett says:

    Love the calendar blocking strategy! I have stuff in Quad 1 & 2 that rarely get done, but I never actually put them on the calendar. I will do this! Thank you so much Amy! As for my Quad 4 I have several blogs that I want to read up on. Just need to drop them off of my list.

  • Tips With Trena says:

    thanks for the tips! I’m notorious for “over planning” my day so listening to your time management quadrant was really helpful and I will be implementing ASAP!

  • Cozy with Raven says:

    This might be truly be the absolute best organizing video I have ever found. And since I found it on a Sunday, it’s even better. Just sent this to my best friend because we both need this

  • perpetuallymeee says:

    I planned my week on Sunday in a nice Zoella planner my bestie got me for Christmas. It’s pretty and just a nice visual to get me back into the swings of getting things done. THOSE QUADRANTS THROUGH 😍 genius! Thank you for sharing x

  • Mauria Moore says:

    Thanks! That was a great video. I have never in my life planned out my day. I think with your tips, this will help me become more organized. This I think will help me to prioritize the things I actually need to get done instead of wasting my time on less important things.

  • Vanessa Silva says:

    Your videos help me a lot! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! You’re amazing Amy!

  • Lauren Jones says:

    This was awesome!! My schedule has been sooo crazy this month and I’ve been missing things and it makes me crazy! This will help a lot thanks for sharing!!

  • urbanmiss26 says:

    Absolutely amazing video!! Will definitely be using this time blocking system to organise my life, work and my post-grad degree 🙂

  • AngelFrosthia says:

    Blocking it out really helps together with timing tasks to realise what you really are able to fit into your day.

    Before I started to jot things down in my calender and really see what I had time for, to do lists gave me guilt daily as things constantly got pushed to the following day.
    Except, I hadn’t realised I couldn’t possibly get it all done in a day.

    Now I have at least 2 to do lists, one for Today and one for things that needs doing or I’d like to do. That way I can schedule the critical once first then add in from the other list If I get some free time.

  • Jorge Aguirre says:

    I think an important think to do is to not only get good sleep but also eat healthy and exercise (at least 30 mins) in order to stay energized and have motivation to do all the stuff on your list.

  • Simon Inglis says:

    Amy this is one of the best videos within this genre. Your advice is good, common-senseical, useful and well delivered. I’m writing a book on time management so was going through materials already on youtube, and yours stands out nicely. Well done.

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