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Get rid of self-doubt and go after the life you want! Tune in for a very special chat with Mel Robbins of the best selling book The 5 Second Rule!


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  • Chef Kibby says:

    I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so wanting to put out my absolute best often keeps me from doing things that may just be really good (or anything at all).
    Taking thoughts captive is actually a concept straight outta Scripture; it’s time I put it into practice! Thanks!

    • Tina Jackson says:

      Cookin’ with Kibby
      I definitely used to be that way about wanting everything perfect prior to sharing or even starting something. You will be surprised, as I have been the last few weeks, how well received your work will be if you just say “screw perfect” and get it done and ensure it’s all you and you gave it your all!

    • Shay says:

      Cookin’ with Kibby I love when lessons from Scripture pops up in unexpected places! 😊 blessings

    • JamesPossible says:

      there are a couple of things…

      – do you want people to know about you, not putting out a vid won’t help.
      – putting out a vid that isn’t perfect might actually be something your potential viewers will appreciate, it gives them permission to make mistakes.
      – like mel shared during the interview, the only reason you are “DOING THINGS A CERTAIN WAY”, which is much different being a certain way, is because of a habit. “IT’S THE HABIT!” that’s where the 5,4,3,2,1 GO! gives you a tool to redirect yourself.

    • DragonSwordMountain says:

      +Tina Jackson That’s another habit i want to erase, “to do my best” or aka be perfect. I am going to do what i can with the intention of being good enough to release, and allowing myself that in time it will take me on an adventure to do better next time. To start and just do it, that is my goal.

    • JamesPossible says:

      it’s subtle, yet mel shares something really powerful about the 5, 4, 3, 2…and that is…the second you start counting backwards you’ve already changed your thought process and shifted your focus…just by counting. as i read what you shared maybe if you focus on making the counting a habit, especially in those moments when you feel your progress slowing and those thoughts “to do my best” or “must be perfect” creeping in…just start counting, then focus on the task at hand…keep repeating and eventually you won’t even notice those thoughts, even if they are there, thanks to your new habit.

  • Meg Kerns says:

    THIS is the video I needed. I love that you were able to sit down with Mel, someone with great ideas and the experience to back it up (just like you)!

    I’m on the audible 5 Second Rule and it’s already kicked my rear! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • AmberMac says:

    This is amazing!! I’m working on killing my self doubt right now. My favorite tip is to never make a major decision while in a valley (for me that means when I’m feeling self doubt or depression). The clouds always lift, and then I can make life decisions from a place of strength!
    Thanks for sharing this interview with Mel. 😊

  • Lynne Magnavite says:

    My self-doubt stems from imposter syndrome – who am I to teach others? who am I to create content and products and start my own business. Holy smokes, when Mel said she wished she knew this way of thinking earlier in life – I could totally relate! I know you cannot go backward and regret isn’t healthy, but gosh, if I had this tool years ago I wonder where I would be right now. Now I’m going to make changes- using Mel’s 5-second rule. Terrific interview – thank you for sharing with us!

  • Mariela Merino says:

    self doubt is a habit. I never thought about it like that. thank you for sharing this! love you and your channel Amy

    • Aliyah Nieto says:

      Mariela Merino you know what when you think about it you’re absolutely right. Wow I never thought about it like that but that’s true

    • DragonSwordMountain says:

      +Mariela Merino Everything is a habit, if i were born in medieval times, i would have been a knight, going out on adventures, if i would have been the little brother of the Olsen Twins i would have been famous without doing anything and lived the party life.

    • gurjodh singh says:

      Mariela Merino you just got subbed.

    • Mariela Merino says:

      you are right!

    • Keala Carr says:

      Yes – that was a bit mind blowing!

  • Tina Jackson says:

    I ADORE Mel and I listen to her audiobook once a month. It’s easily done in a day or two while driving or while folding laundry (knowing you’re doing something productive while listening).

  • Kaley Birge says:

    Amy, you’re the reason why I read the 5-second rule, I love you & Mel Robbins so much! You have helped me help myself in more ways than you know. Reading the 5-second rule started me on a path of reading self-help books and improving my productivity. I’m currently in college, and suffering from some lasting fatigue that was caused by having mono and pneumonia. I went through a lot of depression because of the health complications, but have since found my spark again with your help. I just got my DREAM job (for still being an undergrad) and I start work tomorrow!

    Thank you so much, please continue on the productivity-focused videos <3

  • Jason Coulls says:

    Here’s my two cents: I had a realization moment about a year ago that for most of my life, the people around me who were most vocal about what I can/cannot do are usually the least qualified to be telling me this. Like, in my 20s, the dude telling me which girl to avoid/date/whatever, was the eternally single dude. Later in life, it was the overweight person telling me that running was going to cause long-term damage to my knees, and I shouldn’t exercise. More recently, I had a coworker criticize my choice of bread on my sandwich (I make my own bread), yet he’s the guy that looks emaciated and doesn’t eat a varied diet. Since realising this was happening, I’ve been selective about who I take advice from.

    • Dream S says:

      Thanks for sharing. Sounds really interesting…

    • Stephanie Jane says:

      I’m still learning that lesson. It is important lesson. Don’t listen to people that are not important to you or people who don’t know what they are talking about. Thanks for sharing.

    • Taouba Yacoubi says:

      Wow — simply wow!

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Jason Coulls why even take advice… I trust what is going on in my own head !! Sure let other people have their rants but accept it’s a reflection of their own insecurities and limitations. Your own inner voice and gut reaction is likely to be right if you feel good about yourself in the first instance x

    • petmom ful says:

      You are so right. Here is an example. My oldest sister could not breastfeed her children, so she says. One day I was sitting at the table with my mom and sisters, and began to breastfeed my happy, healthy, plump 9 month old son. She leaned over to me and whispered that I should stop that because he was too old and was a boy. Can you believe that????? She did not know what she was talking about at all, and I completely ignored her! She couldn’t do it, so she had to make out like I was doing something dirty or wrong! She is the worst person in the world to take advice from. All her advice is criticism anyway.

  • Primal Video says:

    Love this video! Thanks 👍

  • Josette Mendiola says:

    I’m currently struggling with self doubt in my academics as I work towards a profession I’m doubting I could achieve. I’m grateful for this message of self awareness and restructuring thought patterns. Thank you, Amy!

  • AntaA says:

    I am currently finishing my uni thesis and my anxiety is off the charts… I also broke up with my boyfriend couple of weeks ago. Needless to say I was an absolute mess. But everyday before I start working on my laptop, I watch one of your videos and take courage in your advice. I just want to say how much your content has helped me! Thank you! Kisses from Greece!

  • Ethel Kristine Frias says:

    “You don’t have self-doubt. You have a habit of doubting yourself.”

    – This is so true! It means a lot to have some inspirational, on-point life lessons. Thank you Amy! 💛

  • Kathryn Kilian says:

    THIS IS AMAZING. This helped me outline how I’ll use the 5 Second Rule to build up my habits — first the annoying stupid things that will increase my resilience, and then to systematically take down the mental prison walls.

    Also, good for you for having the guts to go for it and reach out when you saw the opportunity to talk to her!! 😀

  • cikbulanbintang says:

    I was feeling so low these days because I’m jobless. I keep doubting myself. I wanna do something but I always hold myself back because I don’t feel like I can do it. I didn’t feel excited waking up everyday. But somehow, today I found your video. And I would like to say, thank you so much Amy. You gave me a whole new perspective of living. And I’m excited to improve my thinking and approach to life. Thank you.

  • francescamariabeccu_psy says:

    Thank you Amy! This interview was AMAZING!! I’m a doctor and a coach, I study personal growth for myself and to share it with people since years, but this interview was illuminating to me. “You don’t have self-doubt because self doubt it’s just an habitude”. Great 💛 I’ll spread around this way of thinking!

  • Kithy ManningFauth says:

    Thank you for this video. I dealt with awful mental illness for over 20 yrs. I’m doing very good now. This video helped me understand that starting over is not always as hard as it “could be.” Changing your thought patterns are hard, I know. This has given me more understanding that it can happen if I stay stable on good new habits. For me, it’s like starting over a new life. I want to do my best and make myself the best I can be in my 50’s. #anewme

  • Pamela Kelly says:

    Mel is wonderful and so helpful for those who want to make major changes in their lives. She has been a godsend to my son and I both who have had procrastination issues for years. Her book is a must read for everyone!!! I can’t even begin to say how her words and techniques have literally changed our lives for the SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you read this Mel we truly LOVE YOU GIRL and thanks for keeping it real!!!!!!

  • Un Bijou Parmi Nous says:

    It’s very empowering and freeing to know that all these negative thoughts are but habits and that you can actually do something about them! Thank you for this!

  • Alex Baum says:

    Thank you, this really helped me. Only this evening, I’ve been overly sensitive to my husband laughing at me for trying to make a schedule and calendar blocking. I really let it throw me off the goal I was heading towards. This interview inspired me to keep going trying to build the lifestyle I want and (try) to ignore others’ criticism.

  • Rachel S. Lee says:

    This is such an informative video! “Self doubt is just a habit”, I never even realized that. I know how difficult it is to deal with negative thoughts but I know now that I have the power to control these thoughts. Thank you!

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