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This isn't money that we just give them… They earn it from investing…

Cameron Long

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  • @yafavorite says:

    Math isn’t mathing 667*12 is 8004. One time a year 30 grand ???? I get what grant is saying tho

    • @joshuabauer7784 says:

      The $667 is like a dividend it sounds like

    • @wisdomosarenren2659 says:

      You didn’t get it… The $30k she gets paid yearly is invested in real Estate of which pays her $667 a month as passive income, which accrues up to $8k/yr, which is 26.7% of the $30k that was invested.

  • @89stock says:

    He pays her 30k a year salary and that gets in invested in cardone capital

  • @christiandebra8171 says:

    For yall who dont seem to understand this, the 30k is not 667 a month. Her salary/payment is 30K a year, which is paid to her ONCE a year. Then they take that 30K, and put it into Cardone Capital. From Cardone Capital, she gets paid a passive amount of $667 monthly (which comes from the Real Estate). He says she can never touch the salary she gets (which is the 30K salary), but she can use the $667 which is the distribution she gets from the deal every month

  • @ArchimedSTUDIO says:

    $667/mo is $8K/year… on a $30K investment only – That would be 26.6% return! Or has Grant been investing the $30K for several years (ex: 4 years = $120K total invested, so the $8K/year would be around 6.6% return). Could someone confirm?

    • @jonathans6476 says:

      Based off what he said her 667 a month is only off the 30k salary she is paid directly to her. So at this point she’s probably been there several years now with a pool of money paying for her expenses so as a father figure her cost are written off and she has her own money put away.

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    Deserves more views.

  • @differentbreed2962 says:

    I gurantee people aren’t getting a 26% ROI on their investment into Cardone capital. Especially considering it usually is about 6% ($1800 a year or $150 a month)

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    Grant please help me

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    Passive income isnt taxed in the us?

  • @EK-vr3li says:

    Legacy money.

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    I still have the workbook from your sales training class in 1991. Helped me a lot. Thank you.

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    Thanks my dear for your care.

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    Good dad. Smart man.

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    God help me make sense if this and to make money for myself!!! It is only fair that people with good numbers make a better living with good numbers 😢😊🎉

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    She’ll be millionaire when shes 20? So shes negative 12 years old now?

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    Fuzzy math from a former drug addict….I can’t trust him.🤨

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