Cameron Long

  • @121music4life says:

    God bless America Grant 🇺🇸

  • @SaintTurbo says:

    Winners circle

  • @JustSmellSoGood1 says:

    Love the 10x chain what a write off lol

  • @jamesvillegas877 says:

    True that 😢

  • @OnlyKnowsGod says:

    There will come a point where he will have to pay taxes as the irs will likely consider certain things as assets. If their not then the irs will tax them.

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  • @Elizi687 says:

    Oh hım again !

  • @travisbartholomay says:

    ratatat tat
    time rhymes that beats
    to the hearts passion
    riding on seconds collection
    writing spectaculous films
    in the realms of imagination
    builds the skills of intuition
    third eye I spy creation

    tricycle cruiser fly-by drive-by’s
    Knock knock who’s there
    gratitude cupid’s arrows
    dipped in the pineal gland oil
    cookie monster
    eagle wizard ego eating
    subconscious machine
    tricycle cruising baiting narcissists

    after you’re done conquering yourself
    go blast people with gratitude
    until their egos drop
    it’s excellent for subconscious training

    become a gratitude junkie
    third eye imaginator
    creating heart smiles story
    collecting the seconds of time
    destroy your inner opponent

    set emotions of fire
    unlock the gates to freedom
    free to react at will
    collect the data
    for the hearts guidance

    • @MrBrindleStyle says:


    • @travisbartholomay says:

      I don’t even know how to use AI
      hop skipping me
      captain turtle lock in pop
      electrify the cuddle buddy
      hit the emotional gratitude
      sweetheart frequency
      subconscious operation

    • @travisbartholomay says:

      If you can crawl
      Then you can think
      If you can have a thought
      Then you can imagine
      If you have ideas
      Then repeat it
      If you can remember
      Then subconsciously program it
      If you can have inner faith
      Then you can train
      thoughts and emotion
      To respect the heart
      But by all means
      keep turning dreams to reality

      Being the leader to your dreams
      The protector of your heart
      Royalty to your thoughts
      The explorer of your emotions

      The treasure hunter for your greatest life
      The repetitor of your persistence
      Speaking the subconscious
      language of your creation

    • @travisbartholomay says:

      AI got no knowledge on me
      humpty dumpty
      sat on a great wall
      come push me
      I am a
      shadow ego killer machine
      flying genius monkey
      bowls of serial

      the seconds of time
      the memories of imagination
      surroundings per framework

      spider webbing heart smiles
      flexing the bank wisdom
      riding a wealth of seconds

      compounding multiple realms
      of ideas where genius genie
      be flowing effortlessly
      in the direction of momentum

    • @travisbartholomay says:

      You are boring boring
      Your message is lame
      Lazy has no heart effort
      The lack authenticity
      Next time you leave me a message
      At least leave message
      Maybe you should use AI to write your messages

  • @adrianpozo1283 says:

    Where I can see the hole YouTube video or podcast??

  • @CensoredSheepChannel says:

    Slowly GC gonna turn himself into a aviation entrepreneur like Niki Lauda , you got the money we have the crew , jets and everything available for a memorable flight experience

  • @CC-ev2ps says:

    Greetings from Vienna/ Austritt Claudio Ciampoli aka CC

  • @user-fe1sn8li4m says:

    I see those flying around…

  • @Max_Xavier says:

    Think big to achieve big, Grant gave me great advice to buy my third property

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