Changing Fast Carbs to Slow Carbs for Weight Loss | Jason Fung

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Changing Fast Carbs to Slow Carbs for Weight Loss | Jason Fung

🌟 Discover the secrets behind carbohydrates and weight loss! Join me today as we delve into the fascinating world of resistance starch and its effects on shedding those extra pounds. From oats to beans to rice, we'll explore how different starches influence your body's glucose response and insulin levels.

🥣 Did you know that not all carbohydrates are created equal? Learn about the two main forms of starch—amylose and amylopectin—and how they impact your metabolism. Explore the classification of rapidly digested, slowly digested, and resistant starches, and how each affects your body's glucose levels.

🔍 Dive deep into the six major factors influencing carbohydrate digestion, including particle size, cell wall integrity, and the presence of fats and proteins. Discover the surprising role of acidic foods like vinegar in slowing down glucose absorption.

🧬 Uncover the five types of resistance starch and their unique properties, from physical barriers to chemical modifications. Explore the fascinating process of retrogradation and its impact on starch stability and glucose response.

🍚 Learn how simple dietary changes, like cooking and cooling rice or enjoying potato salad with vinegar dressing, can transform starches into resistant forms, reducing the glycemic index and promoting weight loss.

💡 Join me as we unravel the mysteries of carbohydrate digestion and unlock the keys to sustainable weight management. Don't miss out on this eye-opening journey!

▶️ Timestamps/Chapters
0:00 intro
0:03 5 Types of Resistant Starch
0:44 RDS, SDS, Resistant Starch
2:05 Three Types of Amylopectin
3:02 6 ways that insulin levels can be changed
3:16 1. Amylose/ Amylopectin ratio
3:25 2.Particle ( carbohydrate) size
3:46 3. Cell wall integrity
4:31 4. Presence of protein or fat
4:50 5. Presence of acidic foods
5:05 6. Phenolic
7:06 Type 1 Resistant starch
8:10 Type 2 Resistant starch high Amylose starch
9:19 Type 3 Resistant starch cooking and cooling starches
11:17 Type 4 Resistant starch chemically modified starch
11:39 Type 5 Resistant starch complex of starch + lipid
11:54 Outro

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  • @eduardooramaeddie4006 says:

    Thank you Dr.Fung 👍✌️🌎

  • @gorgev9341 says:

    Good morning Dr Jason fung from beautiful Arizona 🇺🇸

  • @paulalittzen6117 says:

    You are so honest and help so many people. Thank-you Dr Jason Fung!

  • @tinacox9526 says:

    Awesome info video thanks for sharing

  • @kimshomin4818 says:

    You are always on the cutting edge and have been immense help to me and others!!! Thank you!!

  • @hungry_doc says:

    Thank you Dr Jason for what you are doing.. I m a pediatrician from india and love your videos.. All this stuff is never taught in our med schools here. You have revolutionised the concept of obesity and diabetes which should have been made the norm since last so many years and i wonder why after so many vain research and use of technology in modern medicine, we couldnt get our basics right !!!😢

    • @mollytabitha8851 says:

      Because then people wouldn’t buy the poison the food industry pumps out. Also wouldn’t need the Big Pharma. Get people ill, sell them the drugs. It’s criminal!

    • @dort5436 says:

      Great to read that doctors are getting the information

  • @cates_keto says:

    Great video!!! Your contribution to the health in this house has been phenomenal! Thank you!! ❤🎉

  • @mariafernandez5087 says:

    You are a hero, Doctor!!❤❤❤❤

  • @VictoriaSamplerChannel says:

    I learned something. Thank you, Jason. 🎉 I would have liked a short list of example starch foods for each category. What starch foods are more resistant to amalose. Etc.

  • @yrena8901 says:

    What I love about Dr. Fung is his fact-based approach to fasting and weight loss. Unlike many other weight loss advocates/experts on YouTube, he recognizes we are individuals and that there isn’t only one (or maybe two) ways to achieve metabolic health.

  • @2brntb says:

    Dr. Jason is what modern society needs and his initiative commitment concern and ethics are commendable❤❤❤

  • @r.guerreiro140 says:

    Dr. Fung, about bananas and other fruits, the ratio of mono and dissacharides and all forms of starch depends on the stage of ripeness.
    Unripe banana is predominantly starch with a high ratio of insolubility.
    Once the ripening process begins, starches are enzymatically broken down first into glucose and later into fructose and sucrose.
    The ripening process is triggered by the action of ethylene, which is pretty much the same molecule used by the petrochemical industry to make plastics, but in this case it is a natural plant hormone that is essential for ripening.
    From a health perspective, the greener the banana, the higher its prebiotic capacity, which is lost day by day as it ripens until it’s nothing more than a natural sugar bar.
    As for me, I just cut out ripe bananas from my diet, including green banana flour instead.

  • @seattlebeard says:

    I thought I could never give up starch (mostly bread and pasta) before I began keto & intermittent fasting. I no longer crave them. I appreciate learning about this, but don’t want to go back to carbs at all.

    • @wallhagens2001 says:

      I’m with you. I was a carb addict and it feels good not to have carbs be so important in my life.

    • @mollytabitha8851 says:

      Not a fan of pasta. But I do like my rice and potatoes. Have cut down on bread hugely as used to be the standard sandwich every day for lunch and now just occasional home made bread. But struggle to know what else to eat and just can’t manage the fasting. Despite having given up virtually all highly processed food for quite a while now. Meat is too expensive. Not keen on greens lol. What do you manage to eat that makes you content if you don’t mind me asking?

  • @erinl4111 says:

    Intermittent fasting helped pave the way for me to be able to quit eating refined/processed sugars. This combination has helped me lose weight in the most sustainable way I’ve ever experienced–lost 50 pounds over the past year without counting aa single calorie. It’s like my body and metabolism are healing, rather than trying to force weight loss with the low-fat volume eating diets that were pushed on me since young childhood. Keto didn’t go well for me long term, but I have been tweaking my carb intake since I still seem to be a bit intolerant to them. I concentrate on sources of resistant starch and having some whole food carb sources like beans, lentils, slow-cooking oats, and other whole grains. Thank you Dr. Fung for all of the helpful information and motivation over the years!

    • @Bakerqueen925 says:

      I started this journey last month because I was prediabetic. I have to admit, I love my breads and pastries that I bake at home. I do seem to be resistant to carbs no matter what I do. I’m definitely cutting way back, but I’m hoping I can still have, my baked goods every once in a while.😢

    • @wallhagens2001 says:

      Me too. Did IF for two years before looking at what I was eating. Now I cringe at how I used to eat. Wow, what a difference caring about what goes in your mouth makes!

    • @wallhagens2001 says:

      @@Bakerqueen925I know your pain in giving up baking. I was a big time baker and have a collection of Bundt cake pans that are currently gathering dust. Explore other kinds of cooking that you haven’t tried before. I did my first Thai food meal last month and it was great! Also maybe take up a different hobby that is fun—playing the ukulele is something anyone can do with online YouTube videos. Hang in there! I lost my taste for cakes and cookies in about six months. Your health is worth it. Best of luck! ❤

  • @elizabethk3238 says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Dr J. This has been one of the most useful videos for me. I am 76, in perfect health, and an avid follower.

  • @mubarakahmed7785 says:

    Hello dr Fung. I lost 17 kg as of today by mainly doing IF, and keto. Thanks for explaining everything.

  • @anonymoussource7999 says:

    DR. FUNG👍👍👍
    I know you are based in Canada. But if you happen to know of any doctors in NYC that practice exactly what you preach, *please* let me know! Extremely difficult to find a great doctor like you around here that actually cares about your health!

  • @tobiaskevorkazito4072 says:

    I’m telling my friends with diabetes that they can reverse it, Thanks Dr🥊

  • @stellawere2931 says:

    Dr.Jason Fung you’re an amazing person,
    Thank you for the help you’re giving to millions of people and the lives you’re transforming. The Lord bless you!

  • @debp3810 says:

    Hello Dr. Fung, you don’t me from a can of paint, but I consider you my hero and one of my besties. I’m doing so well with my intermittent fasting and one day a week, 24 hours fast. I’m off of my metformin, and as of today, I’ve lost a total of 31 lbs. Thank you so much for saving my life, and thank you for giving the world this incredible information. I wish you all good things in life. You are so dedicated and deserving. Deb Paul🙏🏽👏🏾🙏🏽💯

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