Castor Oil Mistakes You Need to STOP Making Right Now!

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I am back with more on my latest obsession: castor oil. I’ll uncover the essential do’s and don'ts, and share tips for beginners and seasoned users alike. Discover how to seamlessly integrate castor oil into your beauty routine, tackling common concerns like avoiding stains on fabrics and reducing its sticky residue. I’ll also explore castor oil's scent, its safety during pregnancy, potential drug interactions, and address the controversies surrounding its use. Whether you're a castor oil novice or looking to enhance your experience, this guide is packed with insights you won't want to miss.

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Cameron Long

  • @joshxz4672 says:

    I love you girl! I am 39 years old and your videos have been so helpful. 💖💐

  • @chalenejohnson says:

    Watch this related video
    ⭐⭐Castor Oil Changed My Skin in 30 Days

  • @NikkiGregory says:

    I dilute w coconut oil, leave in conditioner & water. Put it in spray bottle and my hair is looking great!

  • @lizlscholtz5167 says:

    Hi! I’ve been using it since January & noticed a massive difference. My skin was extremely dry, and my wrinkles got worse since hitting menopause. My skin is now much better. I also noticed that my sunspots are fading and that my lashes definitely grew longer. At night, I use it undiluted & in the morning diluted with Coconut oil.

  • @josiepatla2164 says:

    Have started using castor oil since your last video and noticing a huge difference with my skin! Love it! ❤❤

  • @Magicisreal66 says:

    Black Jamaican Castor oil.Most definitely has a smell to it, The seeds have been roasted and that’s why it smells like a campfire. In Roasted sesame seed oil has a smell as well, And it’s used in a lot of asian dishes because of it. Please.
    Everybody do the research and keep that in mind

  • @cindyfuller3917 says:

    Argan oil or rose hip oil make beautiful additions to the benefits of castor oil while also diluting it.

    • @tryingtracy9329 says:

      I use argan oil 1:1 with castor oil on my face at night. Love it. And I mix castor oil with my body lotion too. Been using for about a month, skin feels great

  • @cindyfuller3917 says:

    Heritage Home castor oil is a great option as well; hexane free, cold pressed, glass amber bottle and organic. Been using for 3 years and love it!!

  • @lyndastahler2882 says:

    I’m 69 years Young, and I use self tanner on my face because I have never used Foundation nor will I ever, and it just gives me a nice Rosy Glow but I make sure it’s organic I get it from the health food store and there’s no nasty ingredients in it I’m sure that they have a full body one that’s just as effective for all over you might look into that. And I just passed my 30-day usage of castor oil and I had a pretty big age spot that has lightened considerably as well as fine wrinkles I swear they’re gone I will continue using it’s a massive breakthrough for me!!

  • @adaiahtrinidade274 says:

    I diluted C.Oil in my everyday body lotion, and my skin feels very fresh. The dryness is gone. 🥰
    For my face, i use daily vitamin C serum with vitamin E. The people always tell me i look younger than 50.🤩

  • @jackuelynneraft3562 says:

    Hello! I started using Castor Oil after watching your episode on it. I am absolutely hooked! My facial skin has never looked better. I also had some pre cancer spots removed on my hands and chest, after using Castor oil daily on the scars they are barely noticeable. Thanks so much again for everything, XO

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      You are so welcome! I’m so happy that you’ve started seeing great results from castor oil!!

  • @bonniebryant3238 says:

    Chalene, I had weight loss surgery 3+ years ago and lost 175lbs. Castor oil has helped me not have all the loose skin.

  • @ranagardner816 says:

    I used it on a burn I got recently, within two days inflammation was gone and it healed beautifully

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      That’s soo nice!!

    • @irishcountrygirl78 says:

      Pure lavender essential oil stops a burn from blistering, not on broken skin of course,but if you keep lavender on the work top when cooking you’ll NEVER blister again. I’ve been using that trick since l was 25, 20 years ago. Oils are natures secret gifts. Apply straight onto burnt area straight away, usually fingers or hand 😂. Never fails.

  • @AN-kr4fr says:

    Congratulations on 29 years of marriage!!!!! That is something to be proud of 🙂

  • @michy2630 says:

    I have been using it on my brows & lashes for 2.5 months & haven’t noticed anything. Inside Sky Organics. But I do love applying it to my feet at night. My feet look so smooth. I do slough them in the shower but the castor oil has completely helped the dryness on my feet. I wish it worked for my brows and lashes. Loved the video as always!

  • @Topslayer500 says:

    I love my Queen of Thrones castor oil packs!
    Been using for over a year now and cannot live without! (Newest CO obsession is in the belly button before bed….IYKYK)
    ….. also, I love you.
    If you lived closer we would be besties!!!

  • @clairefoxall2313 says:

    Castor oil on my eyelids has stopped by eyes from constantly running … nightmare having to keep wiping my face, especially if I’ve got make up on 😍

  • @moirabranston says:

    Castor oil along with all other oils have been around from the beginning of time. There are plenty of scientific facts on how plants/trees ect are benifical to health and beauty. It is only in recent year with social media platforms that people especially the younger generation are beginning to listen to natural health solutions instead of being dependant on pumping their bodies of prescripted medication causing lots of these side effcts.
    I love using castor oil on my hair when i am growing it, i also use it everyday on my lashes.
    You look amazing btw. Great video. X ❤

  • @buffalomedicine3640 says:

    I don’t need a study, it works! Amazing benefits.

  • @darlenedrivera165 says:

    I can’t believe how popular castor oil has become. I’ve been using it my entire life. It’s a staple in my community. ❤

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