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If you hack the sytem… Share it with the world!

Cameron Long


    NOT a billionaire. My company had two planes before it was worth $1 billion.

  • Thompson says:

    Grant is not a roll model.

  • John Romero says:

    That’s how it’s supposed to be, I don’t care if you show off what you have made but if you show how you did it it’s gonna add value and people shouldn’t hate you for that. At least the real people who wants to learn from those who made it.

  • Kadeem Retired at 24 says:

    Grant is an inspiration to me

  • lily whitey says:

    Billionaires calling out other billionaires? It’s like a high-stakes game of Monopoly, but with real money and no jail time!

    • OGFit Dr Keith J Lopez Natural Health And Fitness says:

      The real game of monopoly is what Grant is doing- helping others get there

  • Jim Lukens says:

    Thank you grant.

  • Travis Bartholomay says:

    cloud skipping the stars
    off to the lunar
    to do the mooner
    dancing from afar
    casting down the eclipse
    shadow dancing the boomer
    across the lands it was spooner

    cruising the big think wheelies
    bouncing off heart smiles
    casting my emotional waves
    big pippin my attraction
    out on the frequency line

    shooting heart beats
    the rhythms that paints
    clarities wildfire’s
    blazing hearts
    pumping vibrations
    subconscious operations
    coming with the flow
    of emotional wisdom
    hitting shock waves down
    the wealthiest seconds of time

    rocking the heart niche
    vibrating above the grounds
    riding on imagination frequency
    just floating against the waves

    with scooby wisdom hip snap
    pack a snack
    dance moves
    dooby doo
    I can too
    be on super gratitude
    getting jiggy with it

    in the
    imagination flintstone tricycle
    Armed to the maxicles
    with super charged gratitude
    heart smiles fully authentic
    got attitude
    locked on latitude
    automatic self passion mathematicals
    solution firing subconsciously
    only in heaven’s playground
    Coming soon to an office near you
    Scooby Dooby Doo
    on super gratitude
    getting jiggy with it

    did you see the fly by
    orgy day planner
    on the complainers
    about the complainers

    on the morning rooster
    the first roster
    king tea bag
    holding the badger

    bolly mc volleyball
    captain noble
    save a
    ducky mc duck
    said it was flying
    straight in the goose
    captain to the rescue

    oh no
    did you hear
    the masses are
    blasting out the asses
    yelling where’s waldo
    waldo is blending in
    becoming a stank box

    call scooby dooby doo
    on super gratitude
    getting jiggy with it
    has the awareness napkins
    to wipe the streaks
    off the subconscious

    get your free fiery passion
    heart pumping vibration
    dream dash in
    flipping frequency fashion
    on autopilot manifestations
    magical pumpkin wishing keys

    You put the right foot in
    You put the left foot in
    You master the inner game
    And shake it all about
    You shakes it
    Until tictoc goes
    It’s a genius genie
    habit creating machine
    the fastest mindset installer
    in all the lands within
    the subconscious heavens

    playing with
    creativity and imagination
    Consciousness be creating
    The foundation of warriors

    Positive complimenting
    strangers genuinely
    repetitively immediately
    opening the hearts
    creativity and imagination

    jiggy the
    jigsaw puzzler
    the hearts compliments
    into stories
    For the communication
    homemade connection line
    between the heart and emotions

    Then your ready
    To be a big kid
    Run around reacting
    to every situation fast
    Ripping out
    all your subconscious habits
    On paper with 100% clarity

    That’s exactly
    how you get
    multiple income streams
    Master within
    To become authentic
    SHINY object

  • Shareen Tarantino says:

    I respect Grant for sharing how he got to where he is. He has one of the very few if not only training that actually works.

  • Lidia Estela Pankey says:

    Show off! 🥳😃👍🙏

  • budi santoso says:

    The rich people aren’t show off or noise on social media, they are keep silent.

  • T.J's Designs says:



    Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior, but “growing money is wisdom”. I found this out a week ago after getting a $10,000 return on my $3,000 investment in 7 days.

  • OGFit Dr Keith J Lopez Natural Health And Fitness says:

    Lo e u Uncle G. See you on stage soon.

  • Scott Houchins says:

    Keep doing what you do you ain’t got a apologize for nothing you’re a damn Billionaire grant Lord have mercy amen hell yes celebrate and show off and share your knowledge👍🇺🇸🥃

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