Advice for my 10yr Old Self #shorts

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Advice for my 10yr Old Self –

Post in comments what advice you would give your 10yr old self…

~ GC

Cameron Long

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    The worst mistake I ever made was trying to get people to like me and hanging out with so-called friends. If I stayed away from them and just did what I needed to do in life things would have went a lot better but instead I let them bring me down and rob me for everything I own. Edit: everyone is your friend when they think they can get something out of you and they get jealous of things that you earn and they break them and try to bring you down.

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    I appreciate you Grant Cardone

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    Grant: “Follow the money son!”

    5 seconds later: “Don’t care about money. You don’t need money.”

    How to contradict yourself in 5 seconds 😂

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    Got it uncle G

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    What a great positive, motivated, creative inspiration. Alway’s love watching,an love this feed back. You are such a awesome force.

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    Well said, uncle G!

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    That 10x chain 😂😊🔥🔥🔥

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    this is by far one of my favorite motivation videos from uncle g

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