5 ways to naturally boost the ‘Ozempic Effect’ | Jason Fung

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Incretins 2024 | Jason Fung

✨ Discover natural ways to boost your weight loss by understanding the Incretin hormones like GLP-1 and GIP. In this video, we'll explore how your body's fat regulation works like a thermostat and share five effective strategies to naturally enhance these important hormones. Learn why eating more dietary fat, protein, fiber, bitter foods, and spices like turmeric can help you manage your appetite, slow gastric emptying, and support your weight loss journey. Say goodbye to excessive hunger and hello to a healthier, fuller you. Don't miss out on these valuable tips to hack your hormones for better weight management! 🌟

▶️ Timestamps/Chapters
00:00 Intro
00:02 Hacking the incretin hormones
01:35 incretin’s Role
01:56 incretin mechanism of action
03:17 incretin’s affect appetite centers in the brain
04:13 How to Naturally boost the ‘Ozempic Effect’
06:25 Eat more fiber
07:42 Eat bitter foods
08:36 Eat more cucurm

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Cameron Long

  • @modelsupplies says:

    How exciting! 🎉I can’t wait to try these things! I’m coming up on a 40 hour fast right now and have lost 138 lbs so far! My scale finally say overweight rather than obese 🎉

    I’m a little concerned about gastroparesis with the slowing of stomach emptying so I will lean into the other tips 🙏

    • @redemptiveplan111 says:

      Are you on the shot? I don’t want to do the shot.

    • @modelsupplies says:

      @@redemptiveplan111nooooo I started keto and fasting about 2.5 years ago and have gradually lost this weight for good! 🎉I’m in Dr Fung and Meagan Ramos group. I’ve read all of both of their books and have learned so much. I had a type 2 diagnosis with 6.8 A1C and my last one was down to 5.3. Looking forward to the next test.

    • @modelsupplies says:

      @@redemptiveplan111I don’t want the shot either. I think when you stop it, you may regain the weight. I do not want to be dependent on things outside my own resources. It’s unnatural. I’m right there with ya! 😃 Plus, it’s shown to be muscle wasting and I’m 60 yrs old trying to build muscle not lose it.

    • @redemptiveplan111 says:

      @@modelsupplies thank you. I’m 51 and I’m gained so much weight this last year from menapause. I just want healthy solutions that are not going to be bandaids but life changes. Hormones have been checked, sleeping good at night. Joints are bothering me, knee hurts. I’ve been doing slow workouts and trying my best to walk as much as I can. I’m on supplements. I eat pretty fair. And know it’s all about nutrition. Keto I’m concerned because I have to watch my cholesterol and heart. Not sure if that is a good choice. But I’m hopeful and just keep taking one day at a time and don’t let it consume me.

    • @euanhood says:

      How do you do 40 hrs

  • @jeepgurl1379 says:

    Thank you Dr. Fung!

  • @MVoiceIsrar says:

    Dr Jason Fung how are you I see your video very informative thanks ❤️👇

  • @Boyhowdy875 says:

    I have a friend who thinks that going to the gym intermittently is going to help them lose weight while on the other hand they frequently drink copious amounts of alcohol. They refused to see the correlation. I think it’s pretty obvious why they refused to see the correlation.

    • @drakewinwest9888 says:

      I lost I 180 lbs while going to the gym and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. But I wasn’t going intermittently, I was going 5+ days a week. No, alcohol, great sleep and no sugar is by far the best way to go though.

  • @tinamartinez1940 says:

    I actually love bittermelon, it’s even better when it was explained how the bitterness helps to activate incretin.

  • @LEDewey_MD says:

    Great info, as always! ❤

  • @JoytiBhatia says:

    God bless you.thanks a lot for guiding us.😊

  • @sarahokoro8057 says:

    Thanks Dr Fung🎉, you are a rare gem

  • @liwanagbautista6754 says:

    That’s why black coffee is effective it’s bitter

  • @berg1_ says:

    Great advice as always, thank you jason! ❤

  • @retiredmom2947 says:

    I just went head on full Carnivore last Aug. lost 25lbs. I feel better now than when I did in my 50’s. I just turned 65! All this way of eating bitters and such sounds good for people who eat carbs. I eat meat and don’t worry about all this. 🤷‍♀️- I eat –
    The Proper Human Diet. PHD. 👍

  • @marianboudreau1337 says:

    Dr. Fung, you have changed and simplified my life. I have just started intermittent fasting about 5 weeks ago, have watched most of your videos and actually found out that this is exactly how my body wants to eat. I had about 25 pounds that I would like to drop and I am actually down 10 already. I am looking forward to seeing where my weight settles, but I see this as a permanent lifestyle change for me, and I don’t have an actual weight goal. If I meet friends for lunch and eat more than usual, I just make that my one meal for the day. I love not having to worry about calories, carbs or counting anything. The 18:6 window works perfectly for me and I am very rigid about that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • @engwmn4242 says:


  • @deadringer28 says:

    So glad you are still making videos ❤

  • @cws.4915 says:

    Dr. Fung, thank for the information you so freely gives to us. I’ve purchased all of your books which has blessed my health journey and I’m doing great! Thank you again! 🙏🏾❤️

  • @francesgraham5411 says:

    Excellent video, very useful and informative. Thank you Dr Fung for all your videos and books. You have transformed my life.

  • @danpost4755 says:

    Great video, as always. Thank you for what you do, Dr. Fung. I recently purchased your Diabetes Code book. You have taught me a lot, already.

  • @subirkole says:

    Thanks Jason! After watching your video, I have been on OMAD for over one year now! I feel amazing and have reversed my T2DM, hypertension, 50% increase in HDL, 150% reduction in triglyceride, and over 40% reduction in uric acid! I am maintaining my weight at 56 Kg with OMAD and dont want to give up anytime soon!

  • @aquisces9532 says:

    1. Eat More Dietary Fat
    2. Eat more Protein
    3. Eat more Fiber
    4. Eat Bitter Foods
    5. Eat Turmeric (Cucurmin)

  • @allfunnydogsstories2129 says:

    I switched from Keto to Carnevore, because the little bit of sugar allowed on keto was still enough to trigger my sugar addiction. I didn’t even mean to lose weight on carnivore, but I lost almost 10 pounds from 145 to 135 in two months.😊😊😊

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