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Cameron Long

  • @professorfinnih says:

    She needs to listen more than she speaks .
    If you can get a seat at the table , serve water. Brilliant advice!

    • @user-ob8bk3ld9q says:

      If you can not get a seat at the table serve water – I guess so you see how things are done even though you might never get a seat at that table. Not bad advice

  • @Daggerworda says:

    She wants to start at the top, that’s unrealistic unless you have rich parents

    • @Gabriel-fn1wc says:

      Which she probably does. She already mentioned having done a flip.. not many 21 year olds have the credit or access to cash to start flipping homes . Plus I’d bet $100 that’s she’s Jewish, just by the way she talks about money 😂

    • @wjluckett5026 says:

      ​@@Gabriel-fn1wcYeah she did mention she was Jewish too.

  • @anyone1 says:

    Do you love Isra*el or are you scared of some of your business?

  • @Doctrinedarkk says:

    She should tattoo “IM 21” on her forehead …..

  • @drida2006 says:

    She is basically asking for a cheat code in life and bypass all the hurdle that comes within process to the top. Still she looks intelligent.

  • @MoiseLevi says:

    Grant … I don’t think you realize how many people you have influenced around the world …

  • @user-s4k9s399 says:

    Lol no entrepreneur goes up under someone’s wing to learn. Entrepreneurship by definition is autodidactic and independent to a fault. What he’s doing here is basically offering her employment, rather than potentially creating someone who could compete with him and giving free game. “Working under someone” is the strategy he sells to normies while he goes and takes a completely different path himself.

  • @Sky_W_ says:

    She thinks she’s special 🤦‍♂

  • @ZL1Rocket says:

    Serving the water can get you in the circle that you’re not part of.
    Entrepreneurial mindset is all about creativity!

  • @thomasormerod7018 says:

    Handled like a professional.. she made her move and he made his , like a game of chess ♟️he played his position perfectly and stepped back to defend his queen 👸 and his family

  • @themomathondiaries6689 says:

    I’m 21 years old, I’m 21 years old, I’m 21 years old.

  • @AnitaJonse says:

    I’m favoured, $22,000 every week! I can now give back to the locals in my community and also support God’s work and the church. God bless America.

    • @LaurasandsTorres says:

      Same here, with my current portfolio made from my investments with my personal financial advisor I totally agree with you

    • @andymclain2117 says:

      Wow! Kind of in shock you mentioned expert,elizabeth ann graney. What a coincidence!!

    • @neshabrown6750 says:

      Elizabeth Ann has really set the standard for others to follow, we love her here in the UK as she has been really helpful and changed lots of life’s

    • @WillSmith-or6uy says:

      Life is easier when the cash keeps popping
      in, thanks to Elizabeth Ann graney services. Glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves

    • @reed229 says:

      I use to work 3 jobs, full time at Walmart, a server at night and Lyft on the weekend, untill Elizabeth Ann graney change my story.

  • @Kurt-rg8jq says:

    The come work for me was the best opportunity she had. She wants to jump the line and have Grant hold her hand to show her the process when that’s not reality. She should work for him and then internally do a good job and be aggressive in stealing time from him and others to learn the process

  • @AttnBusyMoms says:

    Mazal tov! I want to hear what else this young woman said ! ❤

  • @finfiv says:

    In few month, I am going to stay in front of Uncle G and thank him for the greatness he is showing us daily and the advice to execute daily to our bigger goals. Uncle G, when you read this comment…thank you veeeeeeeery much. Alix remember my name. I will thank you in few months personally. Best regards

  • @SpyderBlackOfficial says:

    She’s feeling entitled.lol so typical

  • @novotnak_6099 says:

    Her body language is good

  • @SauceeQ says:

    Bro idgaf if she’s 21, half of the children in Palestine died before 10 years old

  • @truthaboutcharlie says:

    The easy way out. That is the thought going through My head. Sometimes being so young & no real (street smarts) life experience blinds you. someone offered me that opportunity. I would jump at it. Wish I had an offer to join a mastermind at 21. I was surrounded by broke people & I only knew what I knew. Thanks for sharing Grant.

  • @serebroai says:

    🌟 When he dropped the ‘If you can’t get a seat at the table, serve water!’ line, I felt that. 😂 It’s like saying if you can’t join the Avengers, at least deliver their pizza with style! 🍕💥 Lesson of the day: Even if you’re just serving water, make sure you’re the best darn water server they’ve ever seen. Hydration with a side of ambition, anyone? 💧🚀 #grantcardone #weare10x #10X #serebroai

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