What’s behind the Autoworker’s Strike? – Mike Mauceli, Mark Mills

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In this episode, Mark Mills joins Mike Mauceli in a thorough breakdown of how the Green New Deal affects the Autoworkers Strike, in turn affecting the consumer. Find out what it means for investors, the American Auto Industry, and ultimately the future of the entire world.


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  • Leslie Walcott says:

    What’s behind it and the reason that the management is allowing this to go on as long as it has, is because they want to keep inventory down so that the cost of cars on the market won’t drop significantly with the glut of cars that would come in on the top of the ones that have not sold.

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  • Tinker Man says:

    No such thing as fossil fuels

  • L C Lyons says:

    Amazing the truth that you’re exposing to everyone!

  • Matthew Punch says:

    The American car companies are a majority foreign ownership. Even GM is heavy ownership overseas Europe

  • Pelican Bird says:

    Thanks for putting this out. Many logical and practical arguments. Keep up the truth telling. 🇺🇸👍

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  • cetriya's Art n Comics Channel says:

    more public transit.

  • Dan Jenkins says:

    This is a logical and clear-thinking discussion about what’s going on in the automotive industry, but it doesn’t include the fact that Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum put out a mandate to world leaders to reduce car ownership by 75% by 2050. When you consider this, you understand that they are not looking to replace internal combustion engine cars with electric cars; they really don’t want you to own a car at all! If you think about it this way, everything they’re doing makes sense.

  • UnitedStreetzAssociation says:

    Appreciate You Guys Time, Wisdom & Knowledge 💯

  • Tyler Gambon says:

    When I was young my grandfather told me in the future cars would be electric. Several years later I was dual enrolled in college at 17 working towards becoming a certified automotive mechanic and the instructor said the same thing. I went back a second time at 23 and kept hearing the same speech. As time went on I would get in and out of trouble and it made it hard for me to get a job working in the automotive industry. Finding work in construction has given me a chance to broaden my perspective and see things more clearly. This whole transition from traditional vehicles to more “futuristic” ones is a bigger task than anyone is willing to see. Just look at all the traffic around you and ask yourself, “is this really this possible??”. There is more to this than meets the eye. Just because something looks good on paper and sounds like a great idea doesn’t mean it’s going to get off the drawing board and end up on the pavement. Towing a trailer with heavy equipment 5–7 days a week for 10-20 years is the real test not pulling a spaceship one time on national television. Electric cars have yet to take the gloves off.

    • Curtis W says:

      I took renewable resources in college. Got my degree in electrical mechanical engineering. When you look at efficiency they’re better. Especially if you’re in traffic. However the power density isn’t enough for heavy vehicles. We’re also short the economic lithium. This impairs growth of EVs, we’ll make one generation of vehicles and then we’ll be recycling them. By 2035 we’ll be short the materials to replace ICE cars at 2% yoy rates.

      It’s criminal for governments to spend money on cars when energy itself isn’t growing.

  • Rich Mind says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike

  • Boring Ent says:

    Only way ev has a chance is if they get with the battery swap as a subscription model where you don’t pay up front for the battery but instead pay for battery swap because the electrical infrastructure won’t support massive adoption of everyone charging at the Same time

  • CryptoChris says:

    Bitcoin and Silver…

  • David Reeves says:

    I’ve worked at ford for 8 years and I haven’t maid a living wage iv worked multiple jobs on the week end thats why we strike

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