What Nobody will Tell You About Keto – But You Really NEED TO KNOW!

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Dennis Pollock shares some info about entering into the keto lifestyle that you really need to know.

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Cameron Long

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  • @rickthain8538 says:

    I thought that quitting meds was just common sense when eating low carb, but I guess not. I have alot of diabetic friends who actually think they can eat anything as long as they take their meds. They spend their time watching TV news instead of educating themselves on Beating DIABETES through lifestyle changes. They just go back to their Dr and get another new med with all the side effects.

  • @elainehill5931 says:

    That’s so true about blood pressure and no doctors tell you. When I went low carb my BP spikes disappeared. I was so thankful because I was so scared and ended up in the ER several times. But no medical professional ever mentioned it. I had to find out for myself with the Lord guiding me to this channel and others.

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  • @christopherluce3294 says:

    Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I lost 100lbs and I was on blood pressure meds. They saw it at the doctors and they were like get off the pills! All my bloodwork looks fantastic now.

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings fmro Ethiopia. That was very helpful. Thank you , Dennis.

  • @anilshah7323 says:

    I think if someone manages A1C below 7 without medication is good idea because all the meds have side effects mostly hypo.

  • @Sheryl777 says:

    Yes a lot of times people don’t even really realize there IS a description under videos, so good thing you mentioned it.

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