Cameron Long

  • @eh7599 says:

    It is all relative. If all houses went up, my wealth did not go up even though my equity value went up. Net is zip.

    • @Slow-AX-Driver says:

      Your wealth did go up if you have low interest fixed rate debt. That loan gets paid off with deflated dollars.

    • @alexaiz7521 says:

      But practically u can take more equity out of ur house so its more liquidity. And if ppl need to decide bettwin another credit card high intrest loan or equity from their house to pay for their lifestyle some will use this option

  • @martinlutherkingjr.5582 says:

    Houses didn’t gain value, the money just lost value.

  • @gastUCR says:

    It’s by design. Climbing the stair step of worry takes too long for them to steal your $$.. Why not steal it through a glorified confusing toxic sludge margin call?

  • @BigDogRoy says:

    This would actually prop up home prices. Now, people will be renting out their home, taking out equity and buying another home at 3.5 APR with the line of credit.

  • @elcaptnatx says:

    Excellent information keep it rolling George.

  • @Amite-zg2ob says:

    “Taxable Events”

  • @nojava2 says:

    Every time I look at my retirement I’m proud, until I look at my dads retirement 50 years ago and realize I’ve done no better.

  • @TheRusschannel says:

    The dollar is crashing is whats happening… not appreciation!

    • @reservecurrency says:

      The dollar isn’t crashing. The opposite is happening, and will continue to happen, if the Fed keeps rates higher for longer.

    • @MakeAsylumsGre4tAgain says:

      @@reservecurrency lol okay.

    • @grimaffiliations3671 says:

      @@reservecurrency they’ll cut soon, since the only remaining inflation is in rent and insurance

  • @davidadkison9098 says:

    Im from the government and im here to help.

  • @silvermine2033 says:

    We’re screwed!

  • @SG-js2qn says:

    They want to rinse, repeat. Dump the value down, then make it rise again, and profit both ways.

  • @salembeeman370 says:

    George, I’m almost debt free – just a few more years and my house will be paid off. I’m not falling for it! :>

    • @AbhishekKumar7 says:

      Kiyosaki says you’re an idiot. 🤷‍♂️

    • @BigDogRoy says:

      I bet I can convince you. You can get a line of credit. Keep it available and not pay interest until you use it. If the market comes down or you get a good opportunity to good to pass, you will have a good source too get cash from. Would you or wouldn’t you?

    • @AbhishekKumar7 says:

      Kiyosaki would say you’re an idíôt.. 🤷‍♂️

    • @AbhishekKumar7 says:

      Robert Kiyosaki would say that’s stupid 🤷

    • @islandaerial3414 says:

      Have you read or watched (for free) The Great Taking?

  • @sarahbrown5073 says:

    Private entities with an implicit guarantee = economic fascism

  • @purpsquirrellfinda664 says:

    I love the condescending laugh. Keeps me coming back

  • @RhinoJoeOutdoors says:

    The last year I have gotten so many calls about tapping into home equity. NOPE!

  • @hi-if7lj says:

    Why do the taxpayers always have to bail out the banks?

    • @gunfunandstuff9226 says:

      why(?)…. because not enough taxpayers are saying “enough is enough”

    • @rippin724 says:

      @@gunfunandstuff9226 All of us say enough is enough. The problem is voting has no power when it’s stolen, and the system by design is corrupt to the core.

    • @jorge1170xyz says:

      Because the people carrying the load are now in the minority. Even if we complain, the majority (who often have inflation-adjustable incomes) will crack the whip and say, work harder sucka! This relationship was always the goal of a certain party.

    • @Tom-xd4ct says:

      Because you’re dumb enough to pay tax.

    • @1986subway says:

      Lol because we are slaves. And slaves endlessly toil for the benefit of the masters

  • @michaelcocheci3696 says:

    George Gammon will go down in history as the,, funny truthfully economist”

  • @DonnaCouture says:

    This is so infuriating. We shouldn’t have to bail them out! This is criminal.

  • @oneeleven9832 says:

    Never ever take advice from Government or a Banker…on anything

  • @chrisellis1232 says:

    “By 2030 YOU will own nothing have no privacy and be happy” – WEF 🤔

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