Tim Ferriss Interview: How to Overcome Fear, Practice Self Love & Build a Writing Routine

The legendary Tim Ferriss seems to many like the epitome of success, and in this episode, he shares hard-won wisdom from his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. He also details the process he uses to overcome fear and gives you the step-by-step writing process he’s honed over five bestselling books.

Tim Ferriss has been called a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk by the New York Times. He’s one of Fast Company’s most innovative businesspeople and an early-stage tech investor and advisor in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, and more. He’s also the author of several #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers: “The Four-Hour Workweek,” “The Four-Hour Body,” “The Four-Hour Chef,” “Tools of Titans,” and “Tribe of Mentors.” He’s been called the Oprah of audio due to the influence of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, which has exceeded 200 million downloads.

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Cameron Long

  • Lesya Li says:

    I absolutely LOVE Tim and his podcast, and his books, and everything he’s up to – he’s such an incredible force for good and inspiration! Can’t wait to meet up with him and have a chat :-]

  • Rebecca Rubin says:

    This is the most powerful Tim Ferriss interview I’ve ever watched – so cool to see this deeper and more vulnerable side of him <3

    • Marie Forleo says:

      Marie definitely has a knack for drawing out the inner beauty of her guests, and we’re also thrilled to see Tim’s vulnerable side here. Thank you for watching!
      – Jillian, Team Forleo

    • Will Travel for Vegan Food says:

      Yes! I was thinking that too. He feels like a new person. I’m even more in love. 😉 haha

    • G B says:

      This may be the best discussion I’ve ever listened to. I have listed to other TF interviews, and couldn’t quite figure out what I was missing. It was revealed here. Hearing this interview made me understand him. And me. And I’ve have found so many of the practices he outlines very, very helpful and defining.

      If you are here too, listen closely. This might be your way forward.

  • Jasleen Diaz says:

    I’m quite literally in a state of wonderment and perplexity… this is going into the rotation of videos that I’ve been watching to keep me on track… thank you so much… you have no idea the value that this brought to my life on this particular day. I haven’t been practicing this for 5 years, but the last 2 or so months every time a negative thought begins in my mind I say “I will not suffer” and just repeat until the anxiety of that negative thought dissipates away. Tim’s simplest statement of just being a little bit kinder to yourself and the value that it brings to your life resonates so much with my entire being. I can already see the change in my mood, in my thoughts, in my interactions with my daughter… It’s been the simplest and most transformative in such a small frame of time. Thank you… I had to comment and really express this … so grateful for this masterful content.

    • Eva Knox says:

      “I will not suffer” is a brilliant thing to say to yourself… Because yes, it is a choice! Thank you for sharing!

  • Alexa Janell says:

    Beautiful♡The habit that’s most improved my life is also, meditation. I love what Tim said “practice observing your thoughts, feelings and emotions for a very short period of time so that, for the rest of the day, you are less emotionally reactive. ” yes, yes and yes to this!

    • Marie Forleo says:

      Alexa, thank you for sharing this with us! We absolutely agree that meditation and spending time observing your mind and emotions is a transformative practice. So glad that Tim and Marie offered some beauty to your day.
      – Jillian, Team Forleo

  • Sonia Singh says:

    This was so fantastic. I especially appreciated Tim sharing his story about mental health. I thought he was super human, really. Knowing that even THE Tim Ferris has ongoing challenges made him more relatable. Marie – also want to share that you’ve been a huge inspiration for me and I hope to meet you one day. You’re such a wonderful human being, and role model for young women.

  • Natalie-Claire L says:

    Wow so much wisdom and inspiration in this interview. The chemistry between you two is so genuine.
    I had to watch it in 3 sittings, but loved it! Thank you!
    Boundaries – that is one new behaviour I am doing my best to practice more.

  • Jake B says:

    1:13:57 Tim’s #1 Habit from the Last 5 Years:
    In the morning, before switching your phone off of airplane mode, invest 20 minutes to practice observing your thoughts, feelings, & emotions to train resilience against emotional reactivity

    1:18:04 Tim’s #1 Exercise
    2-handed kettlebell swings to hit everything… 2x/week for 5 minutes

    1:18:22 Tim’s #1 Belief
    Discover a way to love yourself to love other people fully (‘put on your oxygen mask first’)

    1:23:04 Tim’s #1 Newest Life-changing Dailiy Habit
    Cultivating ease, and delight by practicing 3 moments of gratitude, for example:
    1 person from your history who helped you,
    1 thing that comes to mind,
    1 tiny thing such as sunlight on your face

  • Mona says:

    thanks so much Marie- this is probably one of the best interviews yet!! I’m a huge fan of both you and Tim. He’s such a great guy, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him personally just last week and felt how warm and approachable he was. His down to earth personality was just a confirmation of how vulnerable and honest I felt he’s always been in all his interviews and interactions with others. Thank you Tim again for diving so deep- your honesty and vulnerability will help so many. Love you both!

  • Carissa says:

    Listening to Tim speak is such an experience. He provides so much that you almost need to listen to it twice to really digest it. I can’t believe how many times I nodded my head during this interview because we have so many unlikely things in common. Excellent interview!

  • Hannah Gimblett Photography says:

    This was truly one of the best interviews / conversations I’ve seen with Tim Ferriss and that I’ve seen you do Marie.

    The last five years have been very up and down in my life with my chronic illnesses. One of the most important habits I’ve got into, is also meditation, I meditate with crystals and find that the most helpful technique for me currently. I’ve definitely been less self-destructive too, which can be very difficult when you have a lot of chaos in your life.
    Even though things are still very tough in my life, I’m definitely learning more and more that I need more positivity in my life; both surrounding me and within myself. As negativity just breeds negativity, I’ve certainly learnt that the hard way.

    Watching videos like this is exactly the sort of thing that I needed right now. Thank you for the incredible content you share with the world Marie! 🙂

  • Never let the adventure end! says:

    Marie, you have responded to my comments before, for that I thank you! My comments before had centered before about having PTSD. When your asked Tim about his dark times tears just flowed out of my eyes. Thank you for your candid choice of subjects you choose to cover. You have shown me over and over that despite all of our what we might think are unsermountable obstacles we can still succeed. I love you for that. My story is after 23 years in the fire service I had PTSD like so many of my brothers and sisters. This battle to overcome this has definitely had its very dark hours. Be assured that you have had an impact on helping me to overcome. For me I have found the best way to help me is helping others. I am currently working on creating a video with my therapist on my journey to overcome this battle. Love you! Thank you so much for being you!

  • Sarah Marzalek-Kelly says:

    I loved this chat! I have to say, thanks to Tim, the one simple but powerful thing that has changed my life over the last year was hearing him chat with Chase (and again with you) about the power of asking yourself “what would this look like if it were easy?” I have been a chronic over-complicator, and this has completely silenced the beast, and moved me right into inspired action. Forever grateful, forever growing -SMK

  • Elizabeth McLoughlin says:

    Thank you Marie for interviewing Tim – I had heard of him but not delved into who he is. He has extraordinary clarity and brilliance in an ordinary understandable way. I need to read his book.

  • Tina F says:

    Thank-You for addressing very real issues in such a candid and down to earth manner. Compassion and humanity are two qualities that I value in people more than anything. Thank-you for this interview it helps to restore faith at a time of so much uncertainty. Great teachers make us all want to be a better person.

  • Monica Sloane says:

    First of all Tim and Marie you are two of my idols! Second, Tim it is so refreshing to hear depression spoken about in the way that you have articulated it. Reading the four hour work week I feel like I can relate to you so much with all the random business ideas, travel and general inclination to try strange things for the challenge. I have done so many things in my life but it never feels like enough. I just want to be successful like the two of you are. I want to be happy and to make others happy. I hope that some day I can provide that kind of value for people!

  • The Twin Dragons says:

    Love this Marie! Tim is so fantastic and indeed we all are more alike than we want to believe. The damn traumas and dramas of our lives (all and each and everyone of us) can be overwhelming, and it is a feat of determination, dedication and diligence (I call this the 3Ds =]) to achieve what he has. He, and you, are setting the new models of how human is done! Much appreciation and gratitude for you both! A goal for me is to hang out with you both!

  • Lindsey Rago says:

    Stellar interview!!! A new belief, habit, AND behavior (it flows into all!) that came this was that I truly am in charge of how I feel. When I take radical responsibility for myself and stop shifting blame, I cut straight to the solution and can solve any problem or challenge I am facing 🙂

  • Marie Forleo says:

    Ready to level up? Use these quick links to catch the highlights from this Tim Ferriss interview:

    2:36 — What childhood bullying and being born premature taught Tim about success.
    12:05 — Why self-care matters: Tim’s struggle with depression and bipolar.
    23:52 — How to achieve your goals AND practice self compassion.
    30:25 — The go-to exercise that’ll help you overcome anything you’re afraid of.
    44:35 — Why every writer should save rejection letters.
    47:36 — How fantasizing can make you a better writer.
    49:58 — The value of a boring daily routine — and how to stick to it.
    55:15 — The secret to writing a book without EVER succumbing to writer’s block.
    58:45 — What’s changed in book marketing in the past decade (and what hasn’t).
    1:07:41 — Why you should always create products for a stadium full of YOU.
    1:13:54 — The meditation practice that changed Tim’s life.

    What’s next? Watch this playlist to develop habits for success: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAxUz0wM51b9Xu5cBwKUPV2PjPF1wQmGN

  • Spark of creation says:

    Love her personality. Them two together is just a great combination. Thankful for these individuals.

  • Ronja Sebastian says:

    This entire conversation was so epically inspiring. All the way through. Thank you both. My bf and I are now getting a treadmill desk. Can’t believe I’ve never heard/thought about that before.

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