How To Be Consistent: 5 Steps To Get Things Done, All The Time

If you want to get things done and improve anything in your life, consistency is key. In this episode, Marie answers a question from Kat who asks, “I’ll be super productive for a couple weeks and then I fall off the wagon and get nothing done. How can I be consistent and make progress toward my goals without getting burned out or distracted?” Marie shares five secrets to staying consistently consistent in life and business. Why? Because the rewards of being consistent are HUGE.

Like it or not, being consistent is essential if you want to make any significant change in your life. It’s also a must if you’re looking to kick some serious butt and become world-class at anything. #MarieTV #consistency #howtobeconsistent

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Cameron Long

  • Mary Frances Blatchley says:

    This is my #1 issue! I heard recently “how you do anything, you do everything” by T. Harv Eker and inconsistent and not completely a task to the end keep showing up. Love these 5 pointers! My number #1 Battle will be to implement this daily! Thanks Marie – again and again and again!

  • Yoga with Kassandra says:

    Great tips as always! Love your channel Marie 🙂

  • Juedisha Atkins says:

    My five steps to be consistently consistent 1. Think positive
    2. Write a to do list
    3. Focus on small things because it all adds up
    4. Make it a habit, the more I do it the more it becomes consistent in my life.
    5. Lastly I try my hardest not to beat myself up when I fall short but to keep trying each day for better

  • Life By Jazz says:

    One thing that has really helped me stay consistent & push through ‘the feelings’ of not wanting to do anything is turning on music that motivates me (Yonce never fails me) What this does is triggers a can do / energizing attitude that gets me in a flow, reminds me of my why and empowers me me accomplish things.

  • Atlas Bishop says:

    Thanks for the tips!
    I’ve found lowering my personal creative standards a bit has helped me stay more consistent. Completed is better than perfect.

  • faith1characterhope says:

    The “ignore your feelings” totally hits home for me! Not because i need to work on it, but because it is something I teach! As a musician and piano teacher, my students think that music is an emotional endeavour, but really, as you are learning the skills, it is the slow, monotonous and focused work that gets you ahead. Once the skills are mastered, THEN you can tap into the emotions and communicate the story you want through the music!

    Thanks for your videos, Marie! They are always encouraging and inspiring me. ❤

    • Raymond Armstrong says:

      +faith1characterhope well said:)

    • Hebatallah Hosny says:

      +faith1characterhope Tell me about it! I’m currently learning how to play the piano with my left hand using chords which is not an easy task for a beginner although I can play any melody effortlessly with my right hand by ear without notes but the left hand is a totally different story. I know that once I overcome the tough beginning, the sky is the limit 🙂

    • Betty-Alexandria Pride says:

      I’m a music education major currently working on jeux d’eau by ravel. had I not begged my teacher to let me keep this song, my senior recital would have fallen apart. this song inspires and motivates me to keep going. do you have any tips to correct bad back posture? I’ve mostly corrected my hand technique, but after hours of practice my back hurts and I can’t go on even though I would like to.

    • faith1characterhope says:

      +Betty-Alexandria Pride A couple of tricks I use are visualisations. 1. Imagine your head is a pool ball and your back is a pool cue, imagine your head (pool ball) is balancing perfectly on your neck (pool cue). this is a horseback riding technique to keep relaxed in the neck.
      2. Imagine your ears are suspended by 2 threads from the ceiling. this lifts the head and helps to realign the spine.
      3. A simple yoga trick — sitting in the position you would normally sit at the piano, but without anything in front of you. Part your knees and drop your back and head between your knees. While taking slow deep breaths, roll your spine up as if you are rebuilding your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae.
      4. lastly, as you are playing–are you hunching down over the keyboard? Try practicing while keeping your back upright and relaxed. Train your eyes to look down without bringing the neck down.

      Hope that helps!

    • Carmen says:

      Wow, this brings some understanding to the point. I struggled because I am also trying to learn to listen to myself more. I see what you mean when you are talking about developing the skills. Of course it isn’t going to move us the same way until after we know how to make the music happen.

  • Daniyal Ahmed says:

    Summarizing and adding a little bit:

    Steps to be consistent
    1) List all things you want to do.
    Find why you love the thing, you want to be consistent at, and then stick to it.
    2) Progressively gain skills by focusing on only one at a time.
    3) Schedule all of your life around the damn thing (Keep it at the top of your priority list)
    4) Ignore voices in your head.
    5) Don’t worry and leave the practice if you miss one day or two.

    After sometime, that consistency will become a habit and then you can move on to next skill.

  • Anne Prado says:

    I only workout if I do it sometime before lunch. After noon I feel like my body just slows down too much for it. So I’ve been lifting weights/doing squats, crunches and planks while my kids play after breakfast for about a year now! I’ve NEVER been able to be this consistent about exercising.

  • NiNi Na says:

    There are two things that help me: One is to connect a new habit with an old one. If I e.g. listen to music every day because I love it, I can connect this with a chore I do not love too much and distract me. The second one is I am very patient and loving with my “I don’t wanna do thiiiis!” voice. I do not tell it to shut up, but I explain why it is so much better to do it, why it will feel better and that there is always time for the voice to whine later. It takes a minute longer, but the voice actually often turns into more motivation because I figured out what the real issue was and solved it.

  • Eduardo Najarro, Jr. says:

    1. Keep Your Eye on The WHY.

    2. Pick Your Battle – [Pick one thing and stick with it]

    3. Schedule It & Schedule Your Priorities

    4. Ignore Your Feelings – [ignore the whiny voice]

    5. Catch That Wagon [get back on if you fall off]

  • THE FUNK FOX says:

    this has been my biggest draw back…consistency! I find I get bored easily! I’ll be all in on a task or project, gain some traction and then find myself bored and uninspired! This was perfect and I needed to hear this. Thanks for another great video!

    • Nico theStylist says:

      THE FUNK FOX I feel the exact same and am currently going through this now. I’m going to try these suggestions in the video, but I feel like it’s never ending

  • Sweat and Yoga says:

    Ugh such good suggestions! The power of consistency 🙌- even when that inner voice is trying to wine and get you to stop!

    Love your tips Marie 💕 just what I needed to hear today 😊

  • Christoffer Nordenström says:

    I’m in my second week of exercising 5 days a week first thing in the morning, and the reason I manage to to it is basically because I’m imagining myself as a 90-year old who has a healthy and functional body THANKS to the workout he did through out his life :-). Tomorrow I’ll be out running at 5 AM and I’m looking forward to it!!

  • Nacquata Bryson says:

    One step that has truly helped is having a consistency partner. Someone who is also motivated for change. We are both responsible for keeping each other on track. This has helped tremendously in my fitness goals. I’m going to incorporate it into my buisness goals.

  • Begins With Q says:

    Success doesn’t come from something you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. – golden advice

  • Marie Forleo says:

    Want to get things done and be more consistent in your life? Jump to these top tips:

    1:11 — The secret to showing up everyday without burning out.
    1:57 — How (and why) to focus on ONE thing at a time.
    2:33 — What the world’s highest achievers do to nail their priorities everytime.
    3:28 — The *only* time to ignore the voice in your head.
    4:42 — How to get back on track after a setback or distraction.

    What’s next? Watch this playlist to be more productive:

  • LenasBritsCats says:

    “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” 🙏🏻thank you Marie❤️❤️❤️I love that quote.

  • Jessica Ocean says:

    The most important steps I’ve taken so far to being consistent are: 1) to not write myself off as hopeless every time I stumble, and 2) to celebrate little victories. Even two weeks is worth aknowledgement, and sometimes, just sitting with a small sense of success is the most incredible motivation to get up and move towards more of the same. Lots of little successes add up to overall success, or at least, progress!

  • Janet Merilaht says:

    Keep your eyes on the why.
    Pick your battle.
    Dont priortize your schedule, schedule your priorities.
    Ignore your feelings.
    Catch the wagon.

  • Rebecca says:

    Love these tips! Really working on consistently lately & this is a great video I can come back to when I need a refresher on why consistency is crucial

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