Cameron Long

  • @undead567 says:

    biggest load of bull i ever heard.

  • @timothymartin994 says:

    I’ve been telling myself I’m rich and wealthy my entire life. I think my inner Tim thinks I mean something else. I have lots of socks. If you ever need a pair, let me know. 🤔 😅

  • @Schri1 says:

    My family and I walked for 4 months from Columbia to the US- Mexican border. We leanred to attract wealth, happiness and health. It works. We are now millionaires living our dream in San Diego. I will pass this on to all the migrants here and in the Mediterrean.

  • @Sve8888 says:

    Thank you! I allow myself to be healthy, wealthy, and prosperous 🙏 and I bless everyone the same who is reading it❤
    I am so prosperous and abundant. I am blessed! Thank you, Universe ❤

  • @VikCalo says:

    I like the attitude but everything comes from God. Don’t forget that

  • @OtisJones8270 says:


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