Cameron Long

  • @Nordica_Zahn20 says:

    i think it’s truly the best video i’ve ever seen, pls make them longer✋✋

  • @Mia-f7x says:

    Definitely need blackout 2 🍒🧡

  • @ANNA-d6g says:

    Great job! Thank you so much for such interesting content! 😛💕

  • @Gertrude_Stanke8 says:

    i think it’s the best thing i’ve ever seen before, this kinda made my day😘

  • @Aili_Hackert84 says:

    i think it’s the best thing i’ve ever seen, this content is really great💪💪

  • @Brunhild_Burkheimer2 says:

    You bring a smile to so many people’s faces Thank you for your great videos <3🐱

  • @PureUniqueJewellery says:

    Without sadness, how could happiness exist?
    Without fear, how could love exist.
    What would light be without dark 🤔

  • @josephblack5880 says:

    What a sellout !!!!!

  • @user-ff1ky9bn2r says:

    Good stuff, Darlin’!!

  • @zoicaparaschivescu1005 says:

    If all of us would have jobs that we love,good family,good friends,good life…people would not commit suicide.

  • @MsFelixKatz says:

    No more platitudes. YOU don’t live how other people do. Wax poetic from check to check (if you’re lucky), then let’s hear you bleat out the same trope.

  • @user-nd1fd5kt9l says:

    Can you answer why bad things happen to good people

  • @randallpettit3432 says:

    Amen bro

  • @dawnvega383 says:

    But do we have to look older? I mean I want to look 25 forever! Not be 25.

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