The Problems with the Electric Trucking Mandates

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In this episode of the Energy Show with REI Energy, host Mike Mauceli discusses the potential impact of green policies on the trucking industry with guest Louie Pugh, Executive Vice President of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. The conversation highlights concerns regarding the Biden administration's environmental initiatives targeting long-haul truckers and the broader implications for the industry and national supply chain.

Mauceli and Pugh explore the practical challenges of transitioning to electric trucks, including the cost, infrastructure, and physical limitations of electric vehicles compared to diesel trucks. The discussion also touches on the broader economic impacts, regulatory issues, and the importance of practical, common-sense approaches to environmental policy. Additionally, they address concerns about the existing electric vehicle market and the readiness of the country's infrastructure to support a massive shift to electric trucking.

Why Watch?
– Insights into the Trucking Industry: Understand the complexities of the trucking sector and how proposed environmental policies could reshape it.
– Environmental Policies vs. Practical Realities: Explore the tension between environmental initiatives and the operational realities of the trucking industry.
– Impact on Consumers and Small Business Truckers: Learn how changes in the trucking industry could affect consumer prices and the livelihood of independent truckers.

00:00 Introduction
00:33 The Impact of Environmental Policies on Trucking
01:06 The Realities of Electric Trucks for the Industry
05:55 The Economic and Environmental Consequences of Electric Trucks
11:19 The Struggle of Small Business Truckers with New Regulations
27:58 The Future of Trucking and the Role of Common Sense
29:54 Resources for Truckers

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    Truckers are not getting paid to compensate for expenses. FACTS MATTER.😮

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    Great common sense info. More people need to hear this. Thank you.

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    You can’t get rid of diesel trucks
    Our military depends on diesel

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    At some point, people is gonna have to get used to serf lord model. Were 1% have all thr luxuries and 99% are peasant

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    One of man’s Great failings is to appreciate the Power of oil. The waste via wars is outrageous and disgusting. These 18 wheeler trucks provide lots of jobs but only get 6-8 miles per gallon and worse in mountains. .Trains are BY FAR much more efficient but early on the oil companies (Rockefellers) bought up public transportation and destroyed it. Chevron bought up battery technology. So we are stuck with fewer RR lines, more inefficient trucks and when oil jumps up in price, INFLATION is triggered and the korporatocy takes advantage.

    • @scotttovey says:

      “So we are stuck with fewer RR lines, more inefficient trucks and when oil jumps up in price, INFLATION is triggered and the korporatocy takes advantage.”

      Don’t blame oil for the current inflated price.
      Blame Biden’s war against petroleum energy production in the US.

      In addition, the commodities market has a major play in oil prices.

    • @scotttovey says:

      “These 18 wheeler trucks provide lots of jobs but only get 6-8 miles per gallon”

      You didn’t watch the video.
      The expert said they get 5 miles per gallon as a result of EPA regulations that were passed after 2007.

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    In Salt Lake City a company was going to get electric trucks they applied for a permit to put in Chargers they were denied the permit because the local grid cannot handle the power consumption of the Chargers they were going to put in I believe 9 Chargers would have taken the same power as seven city blocks if I’m not mistaken

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    Truck drivers are the fuel for the food economy no truck drivers no food in the supermarkets we need truck drivers great show

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    Edison motors is doing some interesting things with hybrids, but running purely off of batteries is woefully inadequate.

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