SPI 452: Can You Actually Have It All? How a Mom of 8 Kids Tries to Make It Work (and the Hard Le…

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#452: How do you balance every 24 hours between business, family or personal relationships, and the rest of it? Well, what if you had eight kids on top of running a business? (Is that even possible?) Like today's guest Lisa Canning says: "the juggle is real," and whether or not you're a parent, I promise you at some point, you're going to be juggling. So many entrepreneurs feel like success comes at the detriment of other areas in their life. Is equilibrium even possible? If you're asking questions like this, I highly recommend listening to this episode. Lisa's going to take us through her own story, from a meltdown in her minivan to finding a more holistic approach to business and life. You'll learn Lisa's three-part framework for balancing work and life, plus a great "litmus test" for checking whether that balance is off. Whether you have eight kids or none, this episode is for you! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session452 ( )

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Cameron Long