Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

Robert Kiyosaki broke the internet with this life changing speech. They don't want you to see this! This is why the poor stay poor and the rich get richer!

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Robert Kiyosaki

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Cameron Long

  • SideCurve says:

    “People that are scared to make mistakes never grow, but school teaches you to be scared of mistakes” -Robert

    • theman says:

      NO, school doesnt teach you like that..they only teach you proper and tested way of doing things..they not force you to stick with it though they urge you to be creative…the teacher is scared of failures because how low they were paid so they cant afford to give you particularity but still most teacher will hold a discussion and yield if you’re right…as for robert i dont know how his life and how he through his school days but i feel sorry for him if he think or feel that way.

    • Teresa Moreno says:

      @theman I believe what Robert is trying to say is, In school, they teach you to expect mistakes and to not be afraid of them, but to be aware of them and acknowledge them in a way that you learn from them and learn what not to do or do next time. These are examples of strategies we practice to become better “thinkers.” Acknowledging mistakes is a part of Critical thinking. It is then that you can develop other/new ways, maybe even combined with old ways to come up with better solutions. In a way, Robert has the right aim. -Teresa Moreno

    • theman says:

      @Teresa Moreno ​ @Teresa Moreno isn’t that the whole point of education really is?at least in my country syllabus and general teaching practice but here like everything else nothing is ideal low wages, bad economy, corruption impact on people life’s and teacher is not an exceptions, that is one that introduce imperfection on the system and its not subject of tear down I think but continuous improvement.

    • Howlin22 says:

      That hit me really hard and made me furious about the education system. No freaking wonder I was worried to do new things and didn’t see mistakes as a stepping stone to move higher up because the fucking institution treat mistakes as setbacks and will pull you down.

    • Copper Nesher says:

      Teachers who are wise are able to teach students to embrace mistakes and failures are always successful in TEACHING.

  • tennet 67 says:

    ” A question opens the mind but a statement closes it”
    -Robert Kiyosaki.

    • Stay Informed says:

      @AzeeStoic same dude, especially when discussing politics. its really hard to find a person on the internet who i can speak to on the same level, using actual arguments, not emotions.

    • Andrew Dake says:

      JohnnyStyblo too fucking true man, it’s either left or right for 90% of people, rare finding anyone who can just talk from their perspective.

    • king Joe bail says:

      Omg that isn’t the quote

  • Lessons in 30s says:

    “In school we learn that mistakes are bad, and we are punished for making them. Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes. We learn to walk by falling down. If we never fell down, we would never walk.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

    • obama bin laden says:

      I truly hope the inventor of the school system never had a child, because if he did, he would hurt the child for falling down after giving it a 2 hour powerpoint presentation on walking.

    • Martin Belanger says:

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    • Harris Ahmed says:

      When you invest, you’re buying a day that you don’t have to work..
      I pray everyone reading this becomes successful.

    • Harley Cartley says:

      @Martin Belanger I googled the lady you mentioned, and left a mail after going through her credentials. I’m willing to make consultations to improve my portfolio

  • A J says:

    “A question opens the mind, a statement keeps it closed.”
    Simply brilliant

  • Ahad Shaikh says:

    “Most people don’t wanna be right, they wanna be positive but you can’t have that, that’s not reality.”
    Best statement ever.

  • ROWSUN says:

    One of the Greatest Speech Of all Time in the History 🔥 .
    – Mr. Robert kiyosaki ❤️

  • AdrenalineAddictsz says:

    Kiyosaki opened my eyes and changed my whole sight of life ,thanks robert.

  • MĄJÕŘ KÑĮGHŤ says:

    “The difference between the Master and the Novice is that the Master has Failed More Times than the Novice has Tried” – Koro Sensei

  • scott b says:

    “The moment I pay you, you will start to think like an employee . . . that is the trap.”

    Truly brilliant.

  • Ryan Conover says:

    “Sometimes a blessing doesn’t look like a blessing, but it turns out as a blessing.” What brilliant words.

  • Richard Spenard says:

    These are very valuable rules for anybody who wants to get rich. Unfortunately, most people who will watch this video will not really be able to apply the principles. We may not want to admit, but as Robert Kiyosaki once said, investing is like any other profession– it requires a certain level of expertise. No surprise that some people are losing a lot of money in the bear market, while others are making hundreds of thousands in profit. I just don’t know how they do it. I have about $409k now to put in the market.

    • Jerrell Hulme says:

      Understanding personal finances and investing will most likely lead to greater financial independence. By being knowledgeable about money and investing, individuals can make informed decisions about how to save, spend, and invest their money. I know someone who made over $350k in this recession influenced market, but to the best of my knowledge, it was through a financial advisor.

    • michael says:

      @Jerrell Hulme
      Yeah, financial advisors could make a lot of difference, particularly in a market such as this. Stocks are pretty unstable at the moment, but if you do the right math, you should be just fine. Bloomberg and other finance media have been recording cases of folks gaining over 250k just in a matter of weeks/couple months, so I think there are a lot of wealth transfer in this downtime if you know where to look. I have been using an FA since 2019, and I return at least $321k ROI, and this does not include capital gain.

    • michael says:

      @farn I really don’t like making such recommendations, because everybody’s situation is unique. But there are many freelance wealth managers you could check out. I have been working with “AMANDA ELIZABETH KELLER for about four years now, and she’s really, really good. If she meets your discretion, then you could go ahead with her. I endorse her.

    • SantoX says:

      Investing isn’t the only way to get rich, so many other ways but requires a lot and a lot of dedication. If you’re young and reading this, you could do it! Make it happen, don’t waste anymore time there’s so much money to be made in the world.

    • Ellarwee Gadsden says:

      But everyone can’t be rich. No economy can afford it. If everyone was rich, then money would have no value. If no one is an employee who does the work to produce what we’re selling? It doesn’t make sense unless only some have a lot of money and most don’t. That’s a system requirement, not a human one.

  • Littha xatté says:

    “A statement closes a mind”
    “A Question opens a mind”

    Powerful wisdom there 🙊🥺🥺

  • Louisa Irvin says:

    Kiyosaki as my late husband would say have achieved an incredible feat in the stock market. He turned thousands to billions, and have made a lot of people wealthy in the process. I really saw the potential of the stock market by reading Berkshire’s annual letters. I recently sold my $674k apartment in the Bel Air area and I’m hoping to throw it into the stock market. I just don’t want to lose everything.

    • Lisa Ollie says:

      For the average Joe, however, I think it is just best to invest and just wait, which is reliable, albeit extremely long– lots of years. Or just use a professional analyst and speed up wealth creation. Most people underestimate the power of the latter.

    • Lloyd Bernard says:

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    • Lloyd Bernard says:

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  • Gaby Trumbull says:

    Robert Kiyosaki is a blessing to many. I achieved success after I practiced the steps below.

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    • Sarah fletcher says:

      What a substantial approach you got here; we all need this, feels so good to be here. Thankss

    • Sarah fletcher says:

      You deserve all the attention. I’m excited to partake in this awesome experience. 🙌

  • Ellis Kelly says:

    “A question opens the mind, a statement keeps it closed.”Simply brilliant. “It’s always a good time to be rich” – Robert kiyosaki.

  • Jedi Bunny says:

    “A question opens the mind, a statement closes it” incredible quote. Excellent video and discussion!

  • Ivanka Gel says:

    Success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it. Building wealth involves developing good habits like regularly putting money away in intervals for solid investments. Financial management is a crucial topic that most tend to shy away from, and ends up haunting them in the near future.., I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life!!

    • smith Lenn says:

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    • Bell Joe says:

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    • Dawson Danny says:

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    • Ranny Orton says:

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    • Dawson Danny says:

      Fantastic! can u share more details?

  • George H. says:

    I love this! So much knowledge! Absolutely free! All of this is not taught in school or university! I was never taught anything about money, I am praying and working to change that. I am 46 no retirement no savings because I made a lot of mistakes when I started investing that I am trying to correct now with my $290k saved up which i want to invest for long term. Listening to you gives me inspiration and wisdom. Thank you so much,! It’s mind-blowing!

    • Aurelio Benjamin says:

      Personally, I would say have a mentor guide you this time around, to avoid so much more losses. Not sure where you will get an experienced one, but if your knowledge of the market is limited, it seems like a good bet.

    • Tommy Myers says:

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    • George H. says:

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