Ozempic, Wegovy | Is Weight Loss As Simple As Eating Less?

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This episode might spark some lively debates, but Chalene Johnson is reevaluating the simplicity of weight loss. Is it really just about eating less? In this edition of The Chalene Show Podcast, Chalene revisits the world of semaglutide injectables, such as Ozempic, Manjaro, and Wegovy, providing an in-depth look at their burgeoning role in the health and fitness sector.

Listeners intrigued by the weight loss injectables phenomenon will find a wealth of insights here. Chalene examines their use among celebrities, and how now everyone is questioning the authenticity of their rapid transformations. She delves into the potential risks and enduring effects of semaglutide injectables. By offering a clear explanation of how these drugs suppress appetite and highlighting the muscle loss issues users may encounter, Chalene paints a complete picture of their impact. She doesn't shy away from discussing the neurological implications, including addiction and alcohol usage.

Moreover, Chalene sheds light on natural methods like dietary changes and supplements that could offer similar benefits. Tune in for an informative and engaging discussion about contemporary weight loss strategies, emerging health trends, and the pharmaceutical industry's influence on overall health and wellness.

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Cameron Long

  • @chalenejohnson says:

    Join for FREE the 14 Day Energy Boost Blueprint!!
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    • @junehodsdon8037 says:

      Same. I did visit your website and signed up for newsletter in the meantime.

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      here ya go @@MarieChang392 https://phaseitup.com/myself-again-guided-reset

    • @BevStumpf says:


    • @jansmith3158 says:

      Do you remember back in the 1980’s the weight loss drug that came out called Phen Phen (not sure if that is how it was spelled). This drug was the “new” weight loss drug that “worked”. Then people started to get very sick from this weight loss rx and even dying from it. The company was then sued (class action suit) and this rx was taken off the market.

      The same is going to happnen to this Rx weight loss drug that is being pushed now. This is a very dangerous rx drugs. No one ever talks about the major side effects from it including CANCER and DEATH. YES, death.Also thyroid issues, hair falling out, MALNUTRITION (yes malnutrition) Even 60 min Australia did a report on a death (see 60 mins Australia channel). People need to wake up and realize that ANY Rx drug has major side effects. SO you will be skinny from this rx but, what if you get cancer? will that be worth taking? Big pharma only thinks about profit. They dont care if you get sick from one of their rx becuase they will just make a knew rx for you to take for your symptoms. The average American is taking 5 -7 rx drugs! that’s crazy.

      The reason why people were upset with Oprah is because she LIED AGAIN> she is always lying & trying to manipulate people. People see thur her bs now. People hate liars. its that simple. yes Oprah can change her mind but, just DONT LIE about it.

      Diet and exercise works. most just cant stay the course. A good diet will heal your body including hormone inbalance and then you will lose weight. if you have an overeating issues you have parasites. Vets know this with pets but, human doctors are not taught about parasites in the big phrama controlled medical schools.

      my 2 cents 💰

      ps If you or your family/friends/coworkers are thinking about taking these weight loss rx LOOK UP THE SIDE EFFECTS they are on the cites of the rx drug company. dont get sucked into a very bad path of sickness with these rx weight loss drugs.

  • @MeghanCreative says:

    I totally agree that Oprah deserves kudos for being transparent. So many celebrities aren’t (probably in large part because of this media backlash).

  • @patrickplummer1027 says:

    No such thing as too much Chalene and Her beauty, brains and class! Your husband is the luckiest man ever!! You always look perfect, You don’t need weight loss products especially since You are forever 21! God bless Chalene, the forever 21 flawless, genius, Angel Goddess

  • @holliefarokhi6218 says:

    Thank you, Chalene , for discussing this issue surrounding drugs used for weight loss. Before I express my thoughts on this matter, I have been a follower of yours since your beach body days when I discovered your astounding PiYo invention! I still do PiYo to this day!! My mobility, stability and health has improved significantly over the years plus I lift weights as well ☺️

    I’m old-school when it comes to weight loss and weight management. I have tried these dangerous fads throughout my life especially in my twenties and guess what? I gained all of the weight back and then some! I wasn’t exercising regularly, just eating less, ALOT less. Also, my emotional health has to do with lifestyle changes. I became more obsessive about weight loss and counting calories than I was about living my life, as you stated, and loving fitness like I do today!!

  • @livbrywood4804 says:

    I lost 105 lbs easily and naturally when I cut carbs (keto). Kept it off 5+ yrs. Transitioned to low carb 50-100g a day, closer to 50 most days. As soon as I cut carbs, my hunger vanished. There is a huge hormonal component to what you eat. So its not just calories in/out. You can’t successfully restrict calories of you feel hungry 24/7. For some people, low carb is a miracle. It was for me.

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      You are right about what you eat is the key and not strictly the calories to feel at your best!

    • @Phoenixrises89 says:

      It’s interesting because I’m the other way round! High carb is where I’m best at 😊

    • @livbrywood4804 says:

      That’s great. Everyone needs to experiment to find out what works for them.

    • @LB-rc3nt says:

      Keto or Carnivore..low to no carbs..both work well for people in general..Many are up-ing their benefits by going from Keto to Carnivore though..Just an Fyi..

    • @celticsunise4ever says:

      ​@@LB-rc3nt While there are significant health benefits with carnivore, so far there are no long-lived cultures who are exclusively animal-based. The Inuit have the highest lifespan at about 73 years which is actually higher than the states. Most countries with the highest life expectancies consume some form of the Mediterranean diet including those with the most centenarians but there are exceptions in Asia. People in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan consume significant amount of meat. They fall slightly behind Monaco for longevity.

  • @kendalldyck6366 says:

    My mom was on ozepmic for her diabetes.
    I’m honestly a little scared for the long term effects of these drugs.
    She had SO many side effects from such a low dose!
    She had stomach paralysis (incredibly painful) also! Had her bowels completely compact right up!
    “Dumping syndrome” if you don’t have a bathroom nearby… 😬
    Gallbladder attacks, GERD, hair loss, pain in joints.
    It took a month for her to get back to normal after she stopped the drug.
    It was literally hell and scary to watch her go through that all..
    The scary thing is, she heard Oprah is on it and, she wants to take it again! 😢
    I’m happy for the people who don’t have the side effects but, worried for those that are having horrible ones.

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      Thank you for sharing your mom’s experience with us. It’s important to be aware of the potential side effects and make informed decisions about medications.

    • @beachbusbistro8585 says:

      I take this for diabetes. Have not lost weight but would like to know how much your Mom was taking that caused hair loss.

    • @celticsunise4ever says:

      Berberine has been discussed as a safer alternative by functional docs… The numerous risks are concerning including gastroparesis.

  • @RoseC1209 says:

    I am a health and fitness professional… also competed and good nutrition education, and fitness is my passion. Love your discussions Chalene. So good!

  • @AnyaEightySeven says:

    Dang Chalene brought straight facts and research. Very interesting analysis. Last year I weighed myself for the first time in ages. I was upset gotten up to 158lbs. I committed to calorie counting to lose weight, and hit my goal weight of 132 this month. I did not take any drugs. I tracked calories in chronometer, fought cravings, and increased exercise. 14 years ago I had nearly the exact same weight loss journey in terms of what I weighed and what I lost. Thats when I discovered you and your Chalene Extreme series😊. I maintained 130ish lbs about 10 years, but I got busy with life and wound up back where I’d started. Personally I would not say my hormones have ever been ‘fixed’. I always lean toward wanting to eat more. If I allowed myself to eat to contentment, I’d be slightly overweight. I have to use a lot of exercise, intermittant fasting, and mindtricks everyday to maintain ideal BMI. I remind myself of the emotion when I dont fit in my clothes, or dont like how I look in the mirror.

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      it might be time to really look into your hormones it may really help

    • @Phoenixrises89 says:

      @@chalenejohnsonBEST thing I ever did ❤

    • @user-dn1pj3db2k says:

      Well, you could be 208 like myself who used to weigh 158 so don’t feel bad

    • @calista1280 says:

      Have you tried going on a Keto Diet? Eliminate ALL CARBS, not just refined. ALSO NO SUGARS OR PROCESSED FOODS.
      Then add MORE RED MEAT!!! It has all the amino acids and nutrients you need. ENJOY LIFE! You can add chicken, pork, and fish as well. Keep the skin on the chicken, eat butter, eggs, avocadoes and okive oil is best for salad dressings. Avoid seed oils & artificial sweeteners.
      Best of Health!🎉

  • @KychaHoppe says:

    Thank you for sharing ❤ I am working with my doctor to lose weight naturally. I have been back and forth about the injection but I am a natural girlie at heart. So I am intermittent fasting according to my menstrual cycle and cycling my eating habits to coordinate with the fasting. I focus on eating protein and fiber. This has been helping to heal my gut and body. Weight loss is slow but my whole health has improved greatly. I’m in this for the long game 💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️💕

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      Wow it really sound like you are doing it right!! Thats amazing!

    • @KychaHoppe says:

      @@chalenejohnson thank you ☺️ it’s doable because my husband is doing this with me and supports changing our health naturally 💕 you are also a great inspiration to me ❤️

  • @terrywalker7127 says:

    I have dropped 10 lbs in a month, and I know I have lost muscle as well, and the heart is a muscle, too. So that frightens me. I restricted my food intake and also eaten less junk.
    As always, it is very comforting watching you!

  • @KBArchery says:

    I think you’re on to what I think. My daughter always struggled with her weight. She works out hard and I mean hard in the gym for 1 1/2 hours 3 times a week, did intermittent fasting and walked over 6,000 steps a day at work.
    She went on an appetite suppressant drug and she said mom I didn’t realize that I was eating too much. When I did eat my one meal it was larger portions than she does now. And the little snacks after.
    She did not realize how much she was eating. She lost 45 pounds and looks fantastic!
    Every person on Naked & Afraid show all lose weight in a few weeks. Why? They aren’t exercising at the gym. They are eating less.
    When overweight people tell me they eat nothing , I’m sorry but they are in denial. They need to get a food diary and write down everything and I mean every chip, every drink that passes their lips. Every bite. Every taste.
    I think they would be shocked at how much they are eating and or drinking.

  • @amyskiles6409 says:

    Thanks for posting this video. I am still in the camp that thinks losing weight is different for everyone! A few years ago, I lost 60 lbs by cutting calories and continuing to work out. However, my issue now is I just went through menopause and that isn’t working for me. So, I am stuck with trying to figure out what works for me now!

    • @RV-there-Yet says:

      Exactly where I was a couple years ago. Definitely glad I chose to dive into that very thing, figuring it out. Never really any issues until active menopause hit, gained 50lbs over a few short yrs, & my old stand bys of low fat/high protein/high fiber & continued exercise were not cutting it. I also agree everyone’s different, & after some trial & error, I’ve had success w/higher fat/moderate protein/low carb eating. Actually, for me anyhow, it was necessary to cut back just a bit on the exercise, initially, because I discovered wasn’t eating enough to fuel my activity level. My body wasn’t trusting me to give it what was needed, so it hung on for dear life to every bit of body fat- errgh! Once I got my intake right, I was able to balance out activity/sleep/stress/etc. It took some research & experimenting, but we’re dang sure worth the investment😁Needs may change as I age, but I’m sure thrilled to be back on track again. ~Sam in AZ

  • @pammyb1316 says:

    So glad you addressed this ! I have decided to go the natural route doing if I am in my fifties and I find doing things naturally is best for me . I know two people who use these injections and they have lost weight alot quicker then me however I’d rather go slow like 6 lbs a month doing If and making better food choices . Thanks for addressing this !!

  • @NickiVerheul1812 says:

    I have a friend who is on Ozempic (42 years old), and her doctor told her not to exercise at all. I’m blown away by that advice. She only has about 50-60lbs to lose and is in otherwise great shape. Some of these doctors really want to keep their patients on meds!

  • @goodgrandma2758 says:

    I have an eating disorder and I’ve always exercised. So in 2022 I was stuck at 178. I’m 58 so In done with menopause. I exercised and added Serovital advanced. I am currently maintaining 135- 140 lbs. I am still exercising and I added the basics like turmeric for arthritis, and vitamin D3 with the correct magnesium. I am so much healthier and my blood pressure is 122/ 70. I also walk, lift some light weights, and my run is now 2.5 miles with a 13 minute mile. I think my hormones shifted as the visceral fat is going away. 👍👍👍. Thanks Chalene 🎉

  • @alexandyesisarria4764 says:

    This reminds me of PhenFen (spelling?) back in the early 90’s. I pray this doesn’t hurt the population like that did. Some developed heart problems. I’ve always struggled with my weight, but the FDA is not a weight loss partner for me personally. Too many unknowns. Praying everyone stays healthy! 🙏🏼 Thanks you for the real conversation. ❤️

  • @mariarh894 says:

    I agree with you so much! We have become expert critics to everyone’s life without knowing their context, challenges, etc! Everyone can do whatever they want with what makes them feel good! Thanks Chalene for speaking truth 🎉

  • @jamiemergfriend8605 says:

    Loved listening to this episode. I saw someone else mention insulin resistance in the comments and thought I’d add my experience with this. I was finally diagnosed with IR after two years of trying everything – keto, vegan, carnivore, low carb high protein, starch solution, carb cycling, fasting, herbal supplements, nervous system regulation, and every type of fitness from walking, lifting, yoga, etc. I cut calories and still gained weight. I was swollen and couldn’t continue to work out because I would become so inflamed. For me, the Semaglutide was about improving my body’s ability to use the fuel I was giving it – improving my glucose uptake by decreasing my insulin resistance. I’m not kidding when I say almost overnight the inflammation from the IR fell off my body – not fat but all that swelling. So that might explain a lot of the rapid results for people initially. And then I stopped getting so so swollen from lifting weights and was actually building muscle now that I wasn’t inflamed and could absorb the glucose I was taking in. So my shape got better. I stay on as low of a dose as possible to combat my IR without suppressing my appetite so much that I can’t get the calories/protein in that I need to workout and build muscle. And I’m hoping my IR will resolve so I can get off of this. But it really scares me to see the people who are taking the higher doses of this drug and are unable to eat. They’re nauseous a lot. They can only eat broth or half a hard-boiled egg. They don’t have the energy to exercise and they’re losing muscle. That is the initial danger I see in this drug. And like people said, we don’t know the long term effects. But for me, the high inflammation was so scary for my health, and I had tried everything first. I’m eternally grateful for having this solution to get me back to my energized and happy self!

  • @janniestanley says:

    Thx for this very objective video. No judgement at all. I have a T2 diabetic friend who has not changed her diet but is on Ozempic. Hoping to be on it the rest of her life. I’ve told her about the muscle issues with this drug. But you’ve now clearly explained why. I celebrate everyone who is able to lose excess weight. I’m working on mine. And to each their own.

    And your arms look fantastic! Thx Charlene! For serving the public. Yes you make money from it. But I can feel your compassion.❣️ God bless you for your help.

  • @monyflo says:

    My husband and I lost over 80 lbs together eating more ( on a keto lifestyle ) for 8 months. We are a little more flexible now (eating pasta or a dessert once in a while), weight training and walking everyday (he runs) and we’re keeping the weight off. We’re healthier, more energetic and happier. No drugs. Only supplements.
    Great and objective video, thank you Chalene.

  • >