One of my Go-To Meals that Keeps Me Non-Diabetic – Plus a Fantastic Hack Makes it Better Still!

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Dennis shares a favorite, low-carb, go-to Meal that keeps his glucose low, plus a fantastic hack that makes it better still.

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Cameron Long

  • @andrepatterson7058 says:

    Thanks for all y’all do πŸ™πŸ½

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was really interesting. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @TheSkite575 says:

    Good morning Dennis from Minnesota
    Have a wonderful memorial day

  • @robertacook6652 says:

    Thank you very much πŸ’œ

  • @ginnybusby3522 says:

    I am very afraid to prick my finger. Can someone recommend the best meter for a painless finger prick

    • @ArmandE says:

      There is no pain involved, it’s just a quick sting, that you immediately forget. Do not worry at all.

    • @joshtoten says:

      I was scared of them at first but so long as you get the ultra thin lancets and make sure you’re testing on the sides of your fingers (around where your nails are you can Google an example), it really doesn’t hurt more than a couple seconds.

    • @beatdiabetes3 says:

      Prick your finger on the side rather than the bottom, and it is less painful.

  • @valeriebell9444 says:

    Thank you!! 🌹🌹🌹

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    Good Evening Denise greetings from Australia thank you very much you doing a fantastic job πŸ™πŸŒΊ

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    Thanks Dennis

  • @ameliastelmach148 says:

    Great information Dennis. Do you know of the Glucose Goddess? She also has very valuable information.

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  • @slugo915 says:

    Thanks for sharing this Dennis! Gonna try this looks great. πŸ™

  • @onesky8647 says:

    The hardest part is to wait for this sandwich to cool down enough so you don’t burn yourself.πŸ˜…

  • @roberttengler7100 says:

    I am curious if you bought those keto approved tortillas at HEB.

  • @brendahunter9134 says:

    I mostly shop at Walmart and I never see keto 🍞 πŸ˜”

  • @nancyballard8666 says:

    Mike, the meter is so helpful. I have a notebook in my kitchen where I jot down my weight each day (not to beat myself up but just as data), fasting glucose, all my food, plus any other glucose readings I do. I have done it for 2 weeks and am going to evaluate any patterns. Sometimes, I am frustrated by a higher number than I think I should have, but this will help me on my journey. If I am stubborn in my attitude (my husband can eat whatever he wants and still have low glucose readings, why can’t I? ) it is not helpful to my health.

    Keep telling us the truth, Dennis.

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    That is a cool gaget!!! Awesome!!!

  • @shdwbnndbyyt says:

    Some people have issues with their gut bacteria digesting the fiber, releasing carbohydrates rather than the fatty acids and other metabolites (gas) that most gut bacteria generate. That is why they have issues with net carbs versus total carbs.

  • @maryland8532 says:

    I found the OLE Spinach has only 4 carbs per slice and they are larger and have no bitterness.

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    Thank you

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