Mouth Taping Update

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In this Edition of The Chalene Show Podcast, Chalene Johnson revisits the topic of mouth breathing vs nose breathing. About a year ago Chalene's dentists suggested that mouth breathing vs. breathing through her nose might be the culprit when it came to her oral health. In this episode Chalene discusses the update on mouth taping after one year and the impact it has had on her sleep, oral health, ADHD, voice, and the shape of her face (Myofascialcranial changes). Today she no longer is mouth-taping due to a surprising benefit she discovered in the first month of mouth-taping at night. PS.. Mouthtaping is free!

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  • Chalene Johnson says:

    Are you or your significant other a mouth breather? If so, have you tried mouth taping or want to try it?

    • Sonya Julie says:

      I started mouth taping a year ago when you shared your experience… It’s totally a game changer & I love it. 😴 Also do lymphatic massage daily and my face looks soooooo much better – huge difference! 💯 Thank you!

    • Denise Mays says:

      I am a mouth breather and also have sleep apnea that I’ve struggled to manage with devices thus far. I also have sjogrens syndrome so being a mouth breather doesn’t help. Although I’m claustrophobic , I’m interested in learning more about mouth taping. Thanks for sharing so much value every day. Love the Chalene show.❤️

    • Kasandra M says:

      I’m a mouth breather who was first diagnosed with sleep apnea about 8 years ago and ADHD about 2 years. Apparently there is a link between neurodivergence and sleep issues, especially when relating to mouth breathing (weak lower mandible/chin, just like those “before” photos).

      Anyways, I’ve been mouth taping on and off for a year also. I’ve seen some improvements but as you mentioned, it’s hard to be consistent in different environments. For example, now it’s summer and we have the air conditioning on and it’s too dry to keep the tape on at night, or during allergy season or if I’m sick and my nose is blocked or swollen it just doesn’t work! Hoping to see more dramatic results when combined with lymphatic massages and longer stretches on taped (vs. not taped).

    • Cristina Luna says:

      My mind is blown right now. I mean, we are on the same wavelength for sure! I was just talking to my husband about this because he snores. As paramedic here in Cyfair(North Houston, Tx) he has terrible sleeping habits. He also has a deviated septum. His snoring wakes me up & I me In perimenopause, my sleep is already crap so I end up on the couch most nights. Anyways, I used to snore a lot too but I taught myself to breathe through my mouth just by placing my blanket over it while I slept. I did this yrs ago because I was self conscious when I began dating & staying with partners. So, the other day I told my husband that I was going to tape his mouth shut! Girl, I didn’t even know this was THING!!!!!😂😂😂 Now that I know, this makes it helpful in convincing my husband to do it. I mean, I’m just reeling over here that you even made this video! Synchronicity, a sign from the universe, witchery, IDK but I love it! I feel validated! 😂 Now if I could just get off my butt and start working out again. 😕 My energy is zapped. These hormonal changes/fluctuations are no joke. I’m hoping by watching your videos, I’ll get your energy. 😅 Enjoy your weekend! 💖

    • Alejandra P says:

      Wow, I see the difference. When awake, I don’t feel like I’m a mouth breather but I do wake up with dry mouth. So now I have to try it!

  • Kathy MacGregor says:

    Loved this video, I’ve had mouthtape in my drawer for months to use, definitely going to start using it tonight. I do notice when I workout that I have my mouth open too…thx for the great tips!! 🤗

  • Sophia Nield says:

    Yes girl!!!! As an Orofacial myologist and RDH I’m here for this!!! A myofunctional evaluation is a great place to start to see if mouth-taping is for you ! It’s a tool but the great thing is to train your self to nose breath with the tongue in the roof of the mouth 🥰 I’m so happy you have taken off the training wheels, Chalene!

  • Lorrene Baum-Davis says:

    I started mouth taping when I found I had sleep apnea. I feel so much better each morning.

  • Theresa Smith says:

    Hi Chalene! Hubby is a mouth breather, snored like a beast! He had a sleep study- no sleep apnea…He came across the book “Breath” after listening to the author as a guest on a podcast he listens to. He read the book and has been mouth taping now for a few years! He is amazed at the better sleep he gets and claims it was a remarkable transformation. He was always a mouth breather, as a child had adenoid surgery along w tonsillectomy! The doctors never said_ ok you’re fixed, now breathe through your nose! LOL! He tells everyone he can about this.. I am an ICU RN and have access to many many drs. I have spoken w numerous MDs, pulmonologists, ENTs etc, about the benefits of nasal breathing. They ALL said “it makes no difference”. I laugh! 
    Drs seriously are the last to know about these things!! I am NOT a mouth breather but I tape in order to raise my HRV. We have Oura rings as well. James Nestor and Patrick McEwan are the gurus my hubby follows!

  • SoniaJR says:

    As a Yoga teacher, we are taught deep breathing through our nose and I have noticed the change in my face, particularly the lower part.

  • Abe S. says:

    Before I started mouth taping, I had issues with clogged nose, bad breath, waking up with dried mouth and post nasal drip that gave me acid reflux. Started using this and not only my nose issues had stopped, but I am getting a lot more sleep, no waking up with dried tongue in the middle of the night plus, I’ve noticed that my teeth are shifting, my face looks different, my jaw and face are more square and defined.

    You can try it or you can claim is false. I makes no difference to me.

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      It works like a charm!!

    • Mary Gleeson says:

      Thanks for sharing, that’s great you made so many improvements! Weren’t you scared if your nose was clogged? I want to try but that’s stopping me. How are you’re teeth moving, are they straighter?

  • wickedmirage says:

    Back in the 70s when I was a little girl, the dentist that I went to believed in mouth taping. So my mom started using the pink soft tape, the kind you used in hair styling, to tape my mouth. I was a heavy mouth breather with lots of cavities. It worked! I learned to breath through my nose, cavities went away and it totally changed my face. Fast forward, I’m now 55 and have been thinking about taping again because of all the bad things that are happening at night – mouth breathing, snoring, dry teeth, shifting teeth. My mouth is such a hot mess I could cry. Time to start doing it again. Thank you for a great video.

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      Thank you! I hope it works great again for you!

    • Cheeky Nonconformist says:

      That’s incredible a dentist was aware of this yet my whole life not one ever recommended it to me or anyone I know. Nice

    • Calista says:

      You may want to try a Snore Guard instead of taping, so you can breathe. You may get stuffy nostrils while sleeping. If you do, your brain will keep waking you up every couple of minutes… Yes, REALLY!
      It changed my life! I now fall and stay alsleep, dream alot & wake up refreshed and enrgetic!!!
      Sweet Dreams 😴

    • melanie kolomyja says:

      @CalistaIs SNORE GUARD a brand?

    • Leta Deley says:

      Wow, this makes SO much sense! My parents smoked in the house and I HATED the smell… due to this I became a mouth breather! I had SO many cavities as a kid 🙁

  • Arch Angel says:

    Hi Chalene, I just came across your channel and loved you. How open and honest you are regarding our personal experiences. I can really relate to this video as I sleep with mouth open, have terrible teeth and constant dry mouth as well wake up feeling like I need more sleep. My jawline is also not the best. So thank you, I am off to buy some tape, and look forward to watching all your other videos. Have a lovely day 😃

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      Aww thank you! I’m so glad you’re here! Looking forward for your mouth taping update!

  • Suzi Seha says:

    As a breathwork instructor….. Yay!!!! Love your personal findings! So good when results are seen and shared!

  • Desiree Crossing says:

    I’ve been mouth taping for some time now and love it. I also experienced more mental clarity in the mornings.

  • Mystic Mae says:

    This is very similar to “mewing.” You’re just doing it in your sleep. Some people consciously do it when they are awake to change the shape of their jaw line too. Lots of holistic Dr’s like MotivationalDoc, who has a channel here, have made videos on lymphatic massage as well. It’s real thing and it really works! Thanks for the video 😊

  • Barbara Beaumont says:

    I’ve been mouth taping for years… LOVE IT! I started because of learning about nitric oxide and that our body only makes it when we breathe through our nose.. many things I’ve started in my life I haven’t stuck with but this is so wonderful I won’t stop.. I have noticed I,by habit, now breathe through my nose all the time.. feels great! Life changing!

    • SavedByGrace ofJesus says:

      Did u start with tons of congestion, I’m afraid I’d suffocate it’s that bad

    • la mann says:

      @SavedByGrace ofJesusI’m thinking I’ll start by using a decongestant before getting ready for bed to help my nose be more open. Maybe use Afrin to start. (Can’t use that more than a couple days in a row though because it’ll cause the reverse effect if used often).

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      I love that it works for you!

    • Carla Killian says:

      Omg. I mean, OMG. This comment just brought it all together for me! I discovered a few months ago that my nitric oxide levels were low. I couldn’t breathe well, my endurance was horrible, and I had some swelling in my hands, legs and feet. I started taking beets for this and it helped, but this is the answer!! No wonder I am having issues since I’m a mouth breather! Thank you!

  • Franny Grace says:

    I have been a mouth breather all of my life and I have always snored horribly. I’ve been mouth-taping for a couple of weeks now and I don’t know about the snoring, but I have noticed that I nose breathe during the day. I also saw on another show where they recommend nose strips also and that has helped me not feel like I can’t nose breathe at night.

  • Susan Cain says:

    I have been a mouth breather my whole life. I had septoplasmy last august and have been learning to breathe thru my nose. Just starting mouth taping. My jaw was a little sore the next day but not giving up

  • Cynthia Hoskinds says:

    When I first heard about mouth taping,I was afraid I might suffocate during sleep. I tried it and loved how it worked! I could tell it changed the shape of my jaw,and my teeth were straighter! Now I won’t go w/o it. I definitely sleep better and I awaken more well~rested. 🙌

  • Stephen7475 says:

    I tried mouth taping with just one thin vertical strip for a few weeks. It stopped my snoring and corrected the jaw position, opening the airway for better breathing. I stopped because I formed the habit already. It was a good experience for me.

  • Mary Dobson says:

    Hi Chalene. I use a chin strap ( which also takes some getting used to) it is training me to keep my mouth closed. I love and appreciate all your great ideas. Thank you so much for the great research. best wishes

  • Claire Legault says:

    I started breathing through my nose about a year ago actually started nose breathing during my nighttime bedtime yoga routine.I noticed my neck and jaw looking much tighter and defined. Definitely more youthful appearance. I’m 72 yo , I live a clean life, I wear sunscreen everyday, I don’t drink alcohol and stopped eating all forms of sugar, eat keto diet, exercise daily, strength training and swimming laps in a salt pool! I own a 2 storey house by choice ! And I have a 6lb Papillon dog that requires daily walks and play time. I’ve been taken for 10-15 years younger than my age!

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      Love it love it love it! So glad nose breathing improved your neck and jaw appearance!

    • Alma Burns says:

      Had you already been off sugar for a good while before beginning the nose breathing? I’m wondering what part diet may have played in your improved appearance.

  • S. Wilson says:

    This is so fascinating! I heard one of your previous videos and now half way thru this one and am convinced this is for me for multiple reasons. Thank you so much. New subscriber here!

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