Cameron Long

  • @emb74 says:

    My problem with that plan is that I don’t eat lunch. My endocrinologist put me on a 2 meal a day diet of breakfast and dinner.

  • @maryoppong4673 says:

    Thanks so much. I’ll try it.

  • @anomarnamloh7444 says:

    Thank you, Dennis. Are you familiar with Doctor Chris Knobbe an eye doctor out of Colorado? If not he has a lecture (38min) posted on the Low Carb Down Under Channel recently. He has a compelling argument regarding the use of seed oils and metabolic diseases.

  • @firstlast1732 says:

    It would of been easier to just stop putting the butter into the coffee and just use cream you probably would of lost the weight that way much easier

    • @f3nomeleven434 says:

      The butter keeps the blood sugar levels down, at least it does for me. Creme, even heavy whipping creme doesn’t do much.

    • @f3nomeleven434 says:

      Ghee butter is preferred

    • @williamberliant8145 says:

      I would have to slightly disagree with you based upon my 5 years of doing low carb. For me, eliminating fat makes you gain weight because you are less satisfied and less full and when I eat under those circumstances, I eat more. Butter is extremely beneficial in a low carb diet.

  • @user-rd5wb3ns4o says:

    I came across the same results about a light carnivore dinner. Yesterday I woke up with a 92 and around 6 pm finished a dinner of eggs, bacon, sausage, a slice of ham, and some grilled tomato slices. I woke up this morning with an 82.

  • @frankenz66 says:

    😂😂 sounds like you have some drama queens for subs 😂. Yes, eggs are a perfect evening meal.

  • @tamilpriyan9981 says:

    Nice to hear about your good Christian work as well God Bless

  • @kurakuson says:

    BP coffee for breakfast, soup for lunch, and two boiled eggs for dinner; a routine immediately following a 36-hour fast.

    Sounds close to a calorie reduction combo.

  • @kathym6603 says:

    Way cool hearing from you about “the junk bin.” If you want to kick those boiled eggs up a notch pour some browned butter over them! There are browned butter recipes online.

  • @cawasc1284 says:

    Dennis no need to reply or respond to negativity. Ignore.

  • @Ginnylarsen says:

    Sounds good and easy to follow unless you’re the cook for a family. Our main meal together is in the evening. I’ve told myself I can make them their meal and just eat the meat for me… never works! I wish it would. My greatest struggle is having to feed a family different than I eat, and having to deny what I make for them and just eat the boring part of the meal. Or make a second meal for myself. Normally I just make a low carb meal for all of us, but it still has carbs… although low carb carbs. But in the evening, any carbs, even low carb veggies raise me and it does not come down like it does during the day.

    • @Ginnylarsen says:

      Nevertheless, having said that… it is a great idea and something to strive for. I know I need this. My weight has creeped up. Thanks for sharing.

  • @tanzanable says:

    Report the link problem to YouTube and have them fix it. They should not be censoring comments with links.

  • @williamberliant8145 says:

    Necessity is the mother of invention. I’ve arrived at the same town that you’re in. I just took a different highway. Sometimes, blood sugar and weight just don’t want to play nice. Why? Who knows? Not me, I’m not a scientist, I’m a musician. Ask me a question about Beethoven. I have used the hard boiled egg trick many, many times. Hard boiled eggs always lower my numbers (blood sugar & weight). God bless you all, Ben & Den.

  • @jameskantor0459 says:

    @Dennis , what did you eat to gain the 4 pounds. I course you lose weight. You are eating under 800 calories. Please keep to 1200 calories a day , even when you are dropping weight .
    Merry Christmas. James in Raleigh.

  • @sbag11 says:

    Carnivore is powerful. Eating less is powerful. Combining the two is a recipe for success.

  • @fazbell says:

    Smart advice. Thanks.

  • @roxie0648 says:

    Dennis, Two years ago I came upon this channel after physician alert me of being prediabetic A1C 5.7, I began to follow the channel and make changes…two years later my is A1C 5.3 and no longer prediabetic. Thank you Lord for providing knowledge/wisdom through this channel.

  • @davidwoods607 says:

    Good morning to you and your wife, May God continue to bless you and your family. You have no idea how many people you have help. Your video is the very first one that I watched on alternative health issues, having believed in mainstream medicine all of my life and when I saw you eating and testing your blood on camera became interesting so I continue to watch then you mention a book by a doctor Jason fung at the time! I hadn’t heard about, I googled the name and that was the start of my recovery from diabetes. At that point in time I was on ninety units of insulin and three thousand mg metformin. I have now completely reversed my diabetes with no medication. Thank you and praise be to my God and father bless his Holy name.

  • @elainehill5931 says:

    I struggle with a carnivore dinner because I’ve found I don’t sleep well without a small amount of carbs for dinner. On the weekends it’s fine but during the week when I have to get up at 5am it’s a no go.

  • @johnbethea4505 says:

    We must take being passed up when these people gain a lot of subscribers. They no longer have the time to read them all when they gain many of us..

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