How Entrepreneurship Builds Stronger Communities – Robert Kiyosaki, Dennis Yellowhorse Jones

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Join Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," in this insightful episode of the Rich Dad Radio Show as he interviews Dennis Yellowhorse Jones, a prominent Navajo entrepreneur and president of U-MATE International. Dennis shares his journey from growing up on the Navajo reservation to creating a successful business that not only supports his community but also addresses critical issues like unemployment and economic development.

In this engaging discussion, Dennis reveals how his family's coal mining operations led to the discovery of humate, a mineral with incredible agricultural benefits. He details the challenges and triumphs of bringing this product to market, collaborating with major companies like Dole and Idaho Farms, and expanding its applications from soil remediation to animal feed and even human consumption.

Robert and Dennis also dive into the broader socio-economic issues faced by Native American communities, including the impacts of historical land policies and the ongoing efforts to create sustainable economic opportunities. Dennis's passion for his heritage and his innovative approach to entrepreneurship provide valuable lessons for anyone interested in business, social impact, and indigenous cultures.

Key topics covered:
– The journey of Dennis Yellowhorse Jones and the founding of UMATE International
– The economic challenges and opportunities on Native American reservations
– The discovery and commercial application of humate
– Collaborations with major agricultural companies
– The cultural and spiritual significance of land in Native American communities
– Insights into the future of Native American entrepreneurship

00:00 Introduction
03:18 The Economic Landscape of Navajo Nation and Entrepreneurial Ventures
06:57 The Role of Casinos in Native American Economic Development
08:50 From Gambling Losses to Entrepreneurial Lessons
12:22 Unveiling Humate: A Revolutionary Agricultural Product
23:56 Expanding Horizons: Humate's Diverse Applications and Global Impact
29:06 Addressing Native American Team Names and Cultural Representation

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