Cameron Long

  • @hamsoon-km8xx says:

    What will you choose, reading books or playing games?🧡

  • @justanotherprouddad1391 says:


  • @eviep2 says:

    It sounds like all that 110% gym work is stressing him out of his mind. That’s really not motivational.

  • @jeffweba5213 says:

    Poor people in that gym that have to listen to this guy scream…

  • @jackerwilly says:

    This is motivates me to avoid the gym

  • @davidesau2279 says:

    Shout out b

  • @gabim3093 says:

    People just don’t get it. You haven’t worked out until you feel what he’s feeling.
    Beast mode 💪🏻

  • @SnaFOo75 says:


  • @jeanpierreo118 says:

    What happend to this dude, be at your best and calmness even at 110%

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