Fantastic Keto “Wild Rice” recipe, Plus Broccoli, Cheese, & Rice Dish for Diabetics

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Dennis Pollock shares a wonderful recipe that serves as a substitute for wild rice, but with a fraction of the carbohydrates. Plus he shares a wonderful "rice," broccoli, and cheese dish that works great for diabetics.

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My Mom's Rice, Broccoli, and Cheese recipe (with keto modifications):
1 cup minced onion sauteed in butter
Cooked and chopped broccoli
8 oz Joe Duff Cheese Sauce
1 can undiluted cream of mushroom soup
1/2 Tsp dry mustard
3 cups cooked hemp seed rice
French fried onion rings for topping
Combine all except onion rings Put in a casserole and bake 350 for approx 30 minutes or until hot thru and thru.
Top with onion rings the last 5-10 min. of baking time

Cameron Long

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    Thank you Dan from NH

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    Thank you must try

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    Too bad I don’t eat mushrooms😢

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    This looks good, I have to try this. I miss my rice immensely. Thank you👍

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    Great job, looks super tasty. Thanks. God bless.

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    I love mushrooms!!! 🍄

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    I would think that the mushroom soup would add carbs. What kind of soup did you use?

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      Campbell’s and yes I saw 8 carbs. But I’d worry more about the junk ingredients in the soup, myself.
      I would’ve liked to see how Mike the meter felt about the meals

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    Recall on frozen mushrooms due to salmonella.
    Use fresh ones.

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    2 of 3 things that KILL my stomach, gastronomically… Mushrooms and Almonds!!! Sorry, but I must pass on this one.

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    I can’t wait to try this! Thank you both so much for all of your hard work and dedication!

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    I too saw the Keto Twins video on this. I make it often. I can’t wait to try your broccoli and cheese recipe.

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    Definitely going to try this! Thank you for sharing. 🙌🏻👏🏻🙏🏻

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    Hi Brother, please be praying for me. Had to have kidney removed. At hospital now and leave soon to go home. Appreciate you and your ministry prayers for me🙏thank you❤

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