Diagnosed with Diabetes at 50 – Lived in Good Health to 100 yrs old – because of this discovery!

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Dennis shares a secret one man found long ago that no doubt prolonged his healthy life significantly.


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Cameron Long

  • @mballer says:

    Now get out there and walk.

  • @tanzanable says:

    Adam lived to be 930 years old so living to 100 is not a very long life compared to our ancestors. I don’t think people ate many carbs back then.

    • @marilynpeppers1356 says:

      I would think the list of ingredients on Adam’s food would be easier to read than the list of ingredients on our food…😁

    • @flyfishing1776 says:

      ​@marilynpeppers1356 nowadays you need a PHD to understand labels on ” food”🙃

    • @slugo915 says:

      @flyfishing1776  yes, what they get away with in the package advertising is sickening diet this, no sugar this, look at the labels and ingredients people. They’re sneaky as all heck!

  • @summersolstice884 says:

    Good Morning Messenger of Hope !!

  • @jandmvideos9051 says:

    I’m 72 and was told March 1 that I have type 2 diabetes. The doctor said nothing about changing diet or getting a meter. She insisted on prescribing medication. When I told her that I thought I could change things by changing my diet, she insisted that there was no way to do that. Thanks to your channel and some groups I joined, I hope to prove her wrong. I may have to stick to a low carb diet for the rest of my days, but I think I can manage that. Thanks so much for the information and inspiration!

    • @curlyb4c95 says:

      You can do it! Rooting for you 🥰!

    • @flyfishing1776 says:

      Dr did same to my Grandma.
      She still makes great cookies for us😁

    • @carlking8530 says:

      My doctor told me the exact same thing 3 years ago after diagnosing me as type 2. He sent me metformin , I set that stuff up in my cabinet, started a very low carb diet, within about 3 months I had my A1c in the 5’s, I’m 74 now,

  • @persophone4554 says:

    In my local store they have lactose free milk (half and half). They have replaced the lactose with sucrose (cane sugar)!

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀🥰🥀 I love the example of keto honey being SCRUTINIZED by Mike the Meter 🥀🥰🥀 It’s great having a bestie like Mike to keep me in check! If not for him, I’d be watching you whilst eating two bananas cut up in my bowl of cream of wheat, drinking a big glass of orange juice and enjoying a slice of toast topped with margarine and keto honey! 🥀🥳🥀

  • @slugo915 says:

    Good video Dennis. Ty and continue spreading the word but ultimately it’s up to the people to listen and do for themselves. A doctor will not tell you these things.

    I had to ask for a prescription for a meter and test strips because I remember when I was diagnosed type 2 she said here’s metformin and go on a diet. I asked, should I test my sugar she said no, not right now. Boy I’m glad I did. And the reaction after my six month A1c checkup was no surprise to myself but her was WOW, how you so that from a 7.3 to 5. I still just smh at these doctors. No more metformin.

  • @vjy21ctra says:

    Thank you sir Dennis. You touch my heart in every video of yours.

  • @nancyballard8666 says:

    My dad dropped dead at 53 in 1974. My doctor thinks he died of undiagnosed diabetes. We thought he was healthy.

  • @victorbaez3688 says:


  • @UnCoolDad says:

    European nutritional labelling information on food is much better. They have to show you the amount of nutrients per 100g – and for carbs it is also split down to amount of sugars too.

  • @jamesbrandt6151 says:

    Thanks Dennis, it’s always refreshing listening to you and your stories. Thanks again

  • @Ariella-mx3xq4cw6n says:

    In the 60s in the UK we were still on low carb diet, for the Diabetic. There were virtually no under 50s type two. Most were over 70.

    In those days we tested urine, it was with a pipette & test tube. They at home, and nurses on the ward, tested morning and after meals.

    Every Sunday morning nurses, where I trained, on medical wards, tested every patients urine, they were also tested on admission.

    It was admitted most, Dr’s knew less about diabetes than a well controlled diabetic. They only had libraries, and book shops, and no meters.

    PS Most people fasted between sleep, breakfast, lunch, diner/supper.

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