Energy Policy and the 2024 Elections

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In this episode of the Energy Show, host Mike Mauceli and guest Kenny Stein, Vice President of Policy at American Energy Alliance, discuss the impact of electoral outcomes on energy policy, prices, and security globally. They explore the differences between the Biden administration's and Trump's energy policies, particularly around hydrocarbons and federal land leasing for oil and gas production. The conversation also addresses how these policies have influenced and could influence oil and gas prices, investment in the industry, and the broader implications for energy security and environmental standards. Additionally, they contemplate the role of nuclear energy and the challenges of transitioning to renewable energy sources while maintaining grid reliability and meeting increasing energy demands. The discussion highlights the polarization of energy policy in U.S. politics, the potential effects of regulatory changes on the industry, and the importance of a sustainable, long-term energy policy for the U.S.

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Election Impacts on Energy Policy and Industry Dynamics
01:07 Comparing Biden and Trump Energy Policies
03:35 The Global Energy Landscape and Price Predictions
06:37 The Irony of Green Energy Policies and Global Oil Politics
24:54 The Debate on Nuclear Energy as a Green Solution
28:04 Regulatory Challenges and the Future of Energy Policy


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