Electric Vehicle Subsidies Exposed – Mike Mauceli, Ron Stein

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How realistic is it for electricity alone to “fuel” this world? How ethical is it for the US government to subsidize the manufacturing of EVs and the mining of its parts overseas?

In this episode, Ron Stein joins Mike Mauceli in discovering why automakers are abandoning EV production, a breakdown of the different types of energy, and where we may be headed next.


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Let me explain…

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Cameron Long

  • @adorqable says:

    agreed, but why chuckle about all the poor who live on less than several dollars a day??? smh

  • @rajivthakur4594 says:

    Haha………….. oil minners are panicking on the b*tch bad dadio show 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @janicenunn8525 says:

      my friends in oil here in Texas are still selling quite a bit of it, no worries here. Their kids have no student loans, and plenty of beef in the freezer….

  • @johnbethea4505 says:

    Start bringing back mules or start practicing riding a bicycle 🚲

  • @arcpro3442 says:

    You are saying so many lies in a row, it’s not even funny.

  • @cameronrobinson8455 says:

    50 years of world oil reserves so maybe 100 years all together after the really hard and dirty stuff is extracted. 145 years of coal one of his guessed said so in 200 years the current forms of energy will be antique and extremely scarce. Either way we as a species we mostly have no idea how to tackle such a monumental transition and have no planes to until the last possible second to create as much suffering and chaos as possible to submit the people. These people work in centuries and millennia in herding the masses.

    • @matthewfurlani8647 says:

      this is very incorrect. I work in an oil boom town, we have nearly 500 years of unproven reserves underground and you can make plastic from garbage. they refuse to do it though. we are fine, they’re just trying to scare you

  • @petertomkins1204 says:

    h2 cars are the future

  • @matthewfurlani8647 says:

    did you see that article written about a business owner that tried to get electricity for his fleet of semi trucks and the town planner or the town engineer whoever makes the decision wrote back to him and said the entire town doesn’t even use that much power. so they’d have to completely overhaul infrastructure in a way that would be unattainable in the next 10 years. not to mention the energy needs would not be met even remotely. it all seems like a big way to collapse society instead of improving anything. or just to make it all fluff and no substance so that they can have a scapegoat to blame for all the world’s problems which is what they did with climate change to begin with. I’m sure you remember when they said that plastic bags were going to stop climate change because you would stop having to cut down all the forest. it’s amazing how it’s one step forward two steps back with these people all the time. Bjorn Lomberg talks about this complete oversight of reality by those that pedal climate change panic.

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    • @Logan.roy. says:

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