Cameron Long

  • @timothymoore1791 says:

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • @pjdava says:

    Grant Cardone, This is great! Let’s be friends and have fun together!

  • @carlosg3515 says:

    Note to self… quit buying visine!

  • @cp1992 says:

    Yeah donโ€™t trust this con artist.

    • @Dragon4lyfe says:

      How is he a con artist

    • @magicbuskey says:

      @@Dragon4lyfe He gets people to invest in his real estate get rich quick funds and then tells them later it’s not really a get rich quick scheme. He makes money selling shares of REITs. He is an excellent salesman for Real Estate Capital Ventures. He’s not wrong about Real Estate making money long term. He just isn’t telling anyone that the only people making huge profits on derivatives of anything are the salespeople and people running the funds. Look on Youtube where he’s telling everyone to invest in his Real Estate Ventures.
      Grant, no offense, you’re a clever and charismatic dude.

    • @Prfctdtlz says:

      @@Dragon4lyfe I see a lot of people calling him that and none can give a reason

    • @Dragon4lyfe says:

      @@Prfctdtlz He’s an expert salesman and marketer, there’s a lot of value he offers teaching these skills

  • @pjdava says:

    Grant Cardone, Your videos always make me happy, so I subscribed!

  • @Bic3ps4Gunz says:


  • @JeffreyStock says:

    So everyone at his events pays a thousand bucks each?

    • @shahanhama6176 says:


    • @JeffreyStock says:

      @@shahanhama6176 ok but 10,000 times 100 doesn’t equal 10 million, as he seems to think.

    • @sonsmith4809 says:

      @JeffreyStock Mr. Cardonne gave a very simple example on how to make money fast that was supposed to be pretty obvious to understand. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that means you’re still very far in your learning and you should focus on that instead of trying to discredit a person who has done more with his life than most would do in ten lifetimes.

    • @adrianavargova says:

      โ€‹@@sonsmith4809โ€‹ โ€‹I agree. I am an economist and I didn’t think for a second of counting. I got a different message, a positive one.

    • @JeffreyStock says:

      Literal proof that these gurus can say 1+1=3 and randos in the internet will defend them.

  • @mhxxd4 says:

    Grant you aint looking physically healthy man, take care of yourself

    • @robmerrylees7281 says:

      Leave him alone

    • @mhxxd4 says:

      @@robmerrylees7281 it wasn’t an insult, just pointing it out so he can address it and get better. We want him looking healthy!

    • @robmerrylees7281 says:

      Absolutely, I understand True friends ,family ,will only tell you the truth I know you were only being helpful Sorry,if it came across mean.You are a true friend.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

    • @stevend8785 says:

      The guy is old. Honestly, if he went to his high school reunion, he would be among the most attractive people in the room, male and female.

  • @jzbeater says:

    gotta love GC.

  • @deannaisreal says:

    Yea are a well pleasing lord standing uprightnesses unto beloved

  • @stevend8785 says:

    GC often says outrageous things and I donโ€™t care for his persona but this time he is correct.

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