Crude Oil Could Hit $100 a barrel and What it Means for You – Mike Mauceli, Dan Kish

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In this episode of the Energy Show with REI Energy, host Mike Mauceli discusses the complexities and geopolitics affecting oil prices, particularly the potential of hitting $100 per barrel oil. Guest Dan Kish, Senior Vice President of Policy at the Institute of Energy Research, explores factors driving high oil prices including Middle East risk, global demand, and U.S. energy policies.

Mauceli and Kish scrutinize sanctions on countries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, the strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) status, domestic production challenges, and the Biden administration's stance on energy. The discussion also touches on the impact of electric vehicle policies, the reality of oil exports and imports, and the role of emerging technologies in fracking. Kish predicts sustained high oil prices and critiques U.S. government strategies around energy production and refinery capabilities, providing a comprehensive insight into the current and future state of energy policies and market trends.

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Exploring the Impact of $100 Oil
02:03 The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Dilemma
07:31 Investment Insights and the Future of Oil Prices
22:21 Technological Advances in Oil Production
25:01 Concluding Thoughts and Future Predictions


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