Coal-Powered Politics – Mike Mauceli, Emily Arthun

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Biden’s ‘Green New Deal’ is branded as a push towards green and renewable energy, but what is the true cost of this legislation? How much oil and coal are needed to implement this plan? A large transition towards unprepared infrastructures could lead the U.S. into a dark future. In this episode, Emily Arthun joins Mike to discuss the true cost of shifting the energy needs of an entire nation.


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    West Virginia is still good to go.

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    It’s healthier than ever. People aren’t giving up their lives anymore.

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Powering the planet with the sun is completely doable. The idea doesn’t need cross-examining once you see kids with a whoop cough.

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  • Gregory Cropper says:

    Coal is dead. In 2006 we got over 66% of our energy from coal. Today it’s barely 20%. It’s doomed because it’s not cost effective.

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    When she said we care so much for the environment, what exactly does she mean and do to protect it ? She never elaborated on it or any actually particular matter.

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