California’s Evolving Renewable Energy Landscape

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The Energy Show with REI Energy, hosted by Mike Mauceli, discusses the repercussions of failed energy policies, particularly focusing on California's push towards green energy and its unintended consequences. Guest Mike Umbro, the founder of Californians for Energy and Science, sheds light on how inadequate education about new energy policies contributes to their failure.

They dive into California's history as a leading energy producer and consumer, and the current policies undermining its oil and gas industry. The conversation also touches on economic implications, and environmental considerations, especially the irony of California importing oil from Ecuador and the overall lack of understanding about energy production's complexities. Umbro argues for better education on energy matters and advocates for a balanced approach to energy sourcing, critiquing the state's reliance on environmentally damaging imports and inefficient green energy projects.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 The Environmental and Economic Consequences of California's Energy Decisions
09:53 The Role of Education in Shaping Energy Policies
15:25 The Challenges and Opportunities in California's Energy Sector
27:20 The Future of Energy: Innovations and the Path Forward


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