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Starting a Consulting Business After Retirement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Retirement marks a new chapter, an exciting phase where the wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over a lifetime can be channeled into a rewarding venture. If you’re stepping into retirement and wondering what’s next, imagine transforming your years of hard-earned expertise into a thriving consulting business. This is your opportunity to take the reins, […]

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Navigating Rising Healthcare Costs in Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Escalating Healthcare Costs The rising cost of healthcare in retirement is a significant concern, driven by several key factors. Technological advancements in medical care, while improving treatment quality, have led to increased expenses. These innovations, ranging from new procedures to advanced medical equipment, often come with a higher cost, impacting retirees who typically […]

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#problem #opportunity #motivation #success #money Turning PROBLEMS into OPPORTUNITIES – One thing that I teach all my employees is to turn the problems and complaints into opportunities to make things right with the customer and to help them get onto the program that that actually need. Every problem has a silver lining and those who […]

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The Real Truth About Retiring in 2024: Essential Considerations and Income Generation Strategies

As we approach 2024, the concept of retirement is undergoing a significant transformation. Gone are the days when retiring meant a complete withdrawal from active life; today, it represents a new chapter filled with opportunities for growth, exploration, and even continued income generation. However, with this evolution comes a host of new considerations and challenges. […]

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