A Blood Sugar Test: Teriyaki vs Teriyaki (Dennis & Benedicta)

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Dennis Pollock and his wife, Benedicta, test two different versions of teriyaki, to demonstrate a fundamental principle of how you can beat and reverse diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • @babytigtig3795 says:

    Love your videos but please make them shorter.

  • @linsteele1820 says:

    Good morning, happy to catch your video early for a change

  • @balasandarkalieannan300 says:

    Good to see both of you. Have a awesome day. God blessed 🙏

  • @JewishKeto says:

    Love these videos! You definitely gave me hope and now I’m off all my diabetic meds

    • @teresaspensley5640 says:

      @JewishKeto- well done you ❤️

    • @JewishKeto says:

      When I thought I had cancer in September of 2022… then found out I’m diabetic… I spiraled into a deep depression and contemplated ending my life. These videos and other keto/low carb and diabetes management channels gave me hope and I’m so thankful I didn’t end my life.

    • @teresaspensley5640 says:

      @@JewishKeto – I’m glad you didn’t too🙏We are all here for a purpose even if we don’t know what that purpose is. I had bloods done yesterday for my A1c and I find out the results on Monday. I’m praying for a good outcome 🙏🙏🙏🇬🇧🙋🏻‍♀️💜

  • @chuckarock2001 says:

    Thanks guys. Regards from Australia 🦘🇦🇺🤓

  • @jessuminechannel says:

    Hello team and Pastor, do you still feel some of these diabetes symptoms, like pins&needles, numbness etc. or not anymore?

    (This is for you all with a1c’s of low 5’s)

  • @reginanickens3565 says:

    Dennis would you give me your opinion on sugar-free items should we eat them or not being a diabetic

  • @emh8861 says:

    Dennis I like you without the hairpiece. 😊

  • @mdzananovic says:

    Love it. Simple, and same time powerful advice , thank You Benedicta & Dennis.

  • @debbiedavid4392 says:

    Hello Dennis and Benedict, thanks for this video. I presume we are both from the great state of Texas, with you being at the Frisco mall. I’m N. of Denton, by the lake, so we’re close in proximity. This holiday season many things have changed since 2019. As for the hair, I prefer your natural look and mine has turned to salt and pepper. I do suffer with neuropathy in my feet, am pre-diabetic, take no meds. preferring food for control. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. Take care, be safe and God Bless !!!

  • @lalithamathew6542 says:

    Praise the Lord Dennis and Benedicta. Thanks for helping people all over the world. Please pray for the viewers who have no will power to say ” no”to the food they are not supposed to eat. I have been doing so well, however, I know so many people who have no will power to say
    ” no” to certain food. Thanks and God bless you both.

  • @donaldpenman4241 says:

    Does it really make a difference if you test at 1 hour or 2 hours after a meal, I test my BGL after 2 hours and it has to be under 7.8 UK if I get a measure that is well below that I would regard it as a measure of insulin sensitivity. I am often within the normal level after 2 hours. ,like you I eat two meals a day so given that my TG/HDL ratio is less than 1 supports insulin sensitivity.

    • @adeemmaona6630 says:

      For some people by the 2hr mark their BGL reading has started nose diving, so they will be getting the wrong reading to get the right info needed.

    • @donaldpenman4241 says:

      My BGL never go below the normal because I only eat twice a day, I have never had a low FBGL but I would rather keep my BGL at the top of the normal range because I do not see the point in driving it down to the bottom of the normal range. I restrict my net carbs to about 30 grams per day.

  • @sheilam8748 says:

    Also with rice, i Believe it was Dr. Bergs channel. If you cook rice and leave it in the fridge for 25 hours , it breaks down the carbs and changes them so the effect on your blood sugar is much less. Me i just avoid rice all together. I love fried rice. But I don’t eat it. I don’t eat potatoes. Regular bread, pasta or rice.

  • @amaliamorales5606 says:

    Thanks, Dennis. appreciate your advice and happy your channel has grown it couldn’t have happened to better person. Enjoyed watching the video of you and benedicta.

  • @victorbaez3688 says:


  • @petercyr3508 says:

    Had a pear last night. Didnt measure then, but this morning BG is 144. After 26 years I can no longer tolerate any sugar. No carbs, no problem however.
    If I ate your mall chicken, my BG would be 300. Usually after a carnivore meal, my BG goes down. The record is 94 down to 63.

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